Shipping Out (A Captain America Fanfic)

This is what happens when I’m in the car for five hours, watch Captain America and have the ability to write.

Anyway, I had this idea while talking to C.B. a bit ago and… yeah. I liked it and it happened. XD

Plus, more Bucky and Little!Steve is always a good thing.


This is from Bucky’s POV (which was actually incredibly fun to write, let me tell you) and set near the beginning and, as usual, deleted-scene speculation.

Ever wondered what Bucky’s reaction was to Steve’s actually getting into the army?



Shipping Out


My last day before shipping out. I’d put off telling Steve for this long, but I was hoping that going out and having some fun beforehand might make it a little easier on him.


I went to go find him and tell what I had planned for the evening. He was probably at the newsreel making himself feel even worse. But a noise from the alley caught my attention just before I went in.


Some clattering around and fighting noises, though you could tell someone was getting his butt handed to him just by that.


Punch. Thump. Scrambling to get up. Punch. Thump.


Oh, don’t be who I think you are. I sighed, let go of the door and picked up the pace towards the alley.


Some tough’s voice came out, sounding way too amused, “You just don’t know when to give up, do you?”


There was some hard breathing, then a familiar voice, “I could do this all day.”


Classic Steve.


I came around the corner just in time to see him get punched into a trashcan and go limp.




I grabbed the guy’s arm and spun him around with a shove. It’s amazing how fast his type sober up when they see someone who could actually give them a fair fight.


“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” A couple moves and a swift kick to the rear end sent him on his way quick enough.


Steve had just managed to pick himself up as I turned around. His lip and nose were both trickling blood.


I shook my head, “Sometimes I think you like getting punched.”


“I had him on the ropes . . .” Steve winced and held his hand up to his nose.


I noticed a folded piece of paper lying on the ground where he’d just been and picked it up. A familiar 4F was stamped in the corner.



“Oh, you’re from Paramus now?”


Steve didn’t look at me and rubbed his nose.


“You know it’s illegal to lie on the enlistment form. But, seriously. Jersey?”


He looked up and his eyes popped open wide as he saw my uniform. After a second of just staring at it, he met my eyes, “You get your orders?”


“Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes shipping out for England first thing tomorrow.”


His head dropped and he sighed. “I should be going.”


The poor little guy was really tearing himself up about something he was physically unable to do. Five times he’d tried to get in . . . only to be rejected every single time.


Really, though. What are you gonna do?


“C’mon, man.” I grinned and slung my arm around his drooping shoulders as we headed out of the alley, “It’s my last night. I gotta get you cleaned up.”


“Where are we going?”


I pulled out the brochure from my pocket and handed it to him, “The future.”



It took a bit of doing to get Steve cleaned up enough that the bruises weren’t all that noticeable, but he didn’t look half bad by the time we were on our way.


We met the girls and saw the floating car exhibit thing. You’d think he’d lighten up a little bit after that, but no. There was a recruitment office nearby and of course he had to go try his luck yet again, despite my protests.


I’d already done a dance with each of the girls when Steve showed back up.


“Well, I see they didn’t catch you yet,” I ruffled his hair, “C’mon, you gonna leave all the dancing to me? We’ve got two girls here. I even went to the trouble of getting a little bit around your height so you won’t have to look too far up.”


He grinned for the first time that evening, “I can’t dance, Buck. You know that.”


“You can at least buy her some popcorn or something.” We walked back towards the girls.


“Maybe,” Steve shrugged. A bit of his smile still lingered.


I tipped my head at him, “What’s the smirk about?”


“I’ll tell you later.”


He then proceeded to fail miserably at being a good date for the rest of the evening. Honestly, you’d think he didn’t hear any of the advice about girls I’d given him. He came off more like a shy kid than a suave man, But at least he did it with a smile.


After all the dancing and festivities were over, we walked the girls back and Steve and I started back home.


It was quiet except for the sounds of our shoes, hitting the sidewalk at different paces. I looked over at Steve, who was looking straight ahead with his hands stuck deep down in his coat pockets with the same old serious expression on his face.


I was gonna miss that little punk.


I shoved his shoulder gently, “You’d better stay out of fights while I’m gone, man. Who else is gonna bail you out? You’re going to have to find some other big guy to follow you around.”


Steve laughed a little and ducked his head.


I put my arm around his shoulders and we walked along quietly for a few more minutes.


He coughed and I looked down at him, “Hey, what were you going to tell me earlier? Where’d you say you were from this time?”




I stopped, “You already did that on the first try, though.”


“I got an A1, Bucky. They took me.”


My stomach dropped. I stared at him. There had to be a mistake. Was the recruiter blind? “You’re kidding me.”


Steve shook his head.


“What did you tell them?”


“The truth.”


I let my breath out slowly, “Steve, that’s ridiculous and you know it. Who would take you?”


“A man named Dr. Abraham Erskine, apparently.” He looked pained at seeing me upset.


I shook my head and started walking back towards the recruiting office, “Come on. We’ve got to go tell them there was a mistake.”


“There wasn’t a mistake.” He grabbed my arm, shaking his head, “I’m in the army now.”


I pushed off his hand, “This isn’t a game. You’ll get killed. You’d be lucky to even get past training in one piece. And I won’t be there.” My chest tightened up just at the thought. “You’ll be alone, Steve.”


The pained look came back to his face and he nodded, “I know.” He looked down and scuffed his shoes on the sidewalk. “I never expected it to be easy. It’s not supposed to be if it’s a sacrifice at all.” Steve looked back up at me with his face set, “I’m just as much an American citizen as you. What I need to do for my country is the same, no matter the cost. No matter how small I am.”


I kept my eyes locked with his, but he didn’t change expression. Sighing, I dropped my gaze, managing to pull a smile despite the cold knot in my gut. “I guess we do need a few men to attack the ankles of the Nazis. Bring ‘em down quicker that way.”


I looked up to see that his crookedy smile had come back slightly. “Thanks, Buck.”


We started up walking down the street again. I raised my eyebrows at him, “But keep in mind I’ll be doing everything I can to get you transferred to the 107th.”


Steve laughed and gave me a little salute, “Will do.”


Anyway, hope you enjoyed! I had fun writing that. 🙂

Favorite part? Ever watched Captain America?

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34 thoughts on “Shipping Out (A Captain America Fanfic)

    1. *sobs with you* I KNOWWW
      But, yes. I’m very happy with it. 🙂 ❤
      *tries to think of ideas for more* Y'know… Steve and Bucky should really hit up Tony for that flying car sometime… XD

  1. OH WOW. Great job!!
    AHHHHHHH THE FEELS. Bucky…. Steve… ❤ AKDIFNEIABFISMA. Omw I'm fangirling so much I'm hardly able to create a coherent paragraph. 😉


    Bit your writing is so great, Fury. (I just realized I don't know what to call you.) And you did a wonderful job writing from Bucky's POV. I can imagine that's how he'd tell the story 🙂

  2. You know my thoughts, CC. :p All caps DA FEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I loves it.

  3. I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!! Oh, yoy wrote so good. This made me think of Steve, really. The way he talks and everything. Yoy should definately write more fanfiction (specially Captain America!!!!) Thi made my day!

    1. *breathless with happiness* Okay, that’s like my favorite thing to hear that I got the character voices right. 😀 Thanks so much!!! and don’t worry, there’s always more Cap fanfic coming. 😉

      1. Wow, you made my day saying that! *screams* Really. I adore Captain America *blushes* and I love how tough writing the characters’ voices could be but trust me you wrote it perfectly. I made my brother read your fanfic (he doesn’t like things very easily) but he too liked your fanfic and that’s saying something. All the best! Will be waiting to read more!

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