Wallace & Red Light Garage

When the writing gets slow and fans are beating down your door… stall with a picture post!


But really, I do love these pictures a lot so this isn’t by any means a booby prize, guys.

So, this was someplace we went through on our way out of state. A little cool town in Idaho called Wallace. It’s actually a small location in my book, so that was fun to go through again. 🙂



I have no idea what a Gyro Lead Creek Derby is, but the banner for it was cool.



I just love how this town looks so much. I mean, a gas station from across the road? How often is that sort of thing scenic?



The restaurant we had ice cream and coffee at: Red Light Garage.



See? Ice cream and coffee.

Also I love that sign. ❤



Step back, and we have a spaceship. My little brothers loved playing in this thing.



Aaand we’re inside the cafe… garage… thing.

Wallace, see? I’m proving all my points with signs today.



Little barstools at the end of the shop.



John, looking at the jukebox.



And the player-piano that my character accidentally set off and revealed his location to the evil henchmen chasing him.

I was not so foolish. *nod*



A stock exchange and some creepy puppets. O_o


Well, hope you liked the pictures!

Have any favorites? Ever been to Wallace? Think you’ll strangle me because this isn’t more story?

Please comment!


12 thoughts on “Wallace & Red Light Garage

  1. I should strangle you… but I won’t. 😉 Because I really do like those pictures— especially when I realized what story that town played a part in. Hel-lo!!!!! I mean, who doesn’t wanna see the player piano that COBALT accidentally set off??????? 😉 Duh.
    And anyway, I love picturesque old towns. They’re so… picturesque. XD

    1. Notice how I carefully went and answered these comments only AFTER I posted the next part. XD
      Oh, yeah! It was fun to take pics of all the stuff Cobalt bumped into. 😛

  2. Aw, c’mon. We’re not quite that bad, are we? You should never be afraid to show us pictures, right? 😉
    Well, I loved the pictures anyway. The piano is my favorite picture, but all the others are really neat too. 😉
    But I do want more story. Don’t interpret my lack of wanting to strangle you as not wanting more story. BECAUSE I MOST DEFINITELY DO!!! 😀
    Oh, and here’s some information about the Gyro Lead Creek Derby. Evidently it’s a bike race where everyone has to follow a large ball downstream and rescue it if it gets stuck? At least, that’s the best I can figure. 😉

    1. No, you’re all wonderful. *patpat* Besides, no physical harm can actually come to me over the internet. 😛
      Oh, wow. That’s a wacky town tradition… XD

  3. I’ve been past Wallace!! It’s on I90, which we drove on our cross-country move. 😀 I thought that area looked familiar. 😛
    The charrie *cough* Cobalt *cough* I need more story…

      1. It looks so neat. 🙂
        Ehehehe. XP We keep poking the forum topic randomly…because we loves it, and because we’ve been dangling from a cliff since forever. :p

  4. Cobalt set off a player piano?! Man, I have got to catch up on “Odd Team Out”! But I cleared out all my downloads without thinking, so I have no idea where the first chapter I was beta reading for you went… Could you send it to me again?
    This reminds me a little bit of the little town in “Cars.”

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