3 Years of Writefury

Thank goodness for WordPress notifications.

I didn’t even remember my own blog-birthday until I got a helpful little reminder.



Anyway, my little baby blog is three as of today.

So, let’s have a last minute quick recap of some milestones over the past year and random gifs and it’ll hopefully work out.

  • I started a serial story that sort of took over everything.
  • I broke the 200 mark on followers.
  • I pulled an epic April Fools prank on you guys.
  • I did NaNoWriMo and my blog didn’t die while I was doing that.
  • I got interviewed on both another blog and on a podcast.
  • I sort of… moved across the country.
  • And got a new baby brother

Didn’t see a lot of that coming.

Good year, nonetheless. 

Let’s see… most popular posts for this year in blogging.

  1. Chocolate Babka (Smitten Kitchen) (I don’t blame you guys. Babka is awesome. This one has been my most popular post for a while now. Still going strong, I see.)
  2. In Case You Don’t Know What A Writefury Is (Because people want to know… it’s quite an interesting topic.)
  3. About (kind of self explanatory)
  4. Blank Mastermind (ah, you little bugger. I knew you’d make it in the top 5.)
  5. Blank Mastermind, Part 6: All The Good Villain Bits (why this part? Like… nothing happens in this part. It also needs the most work in my opinion. Maybe it’s just a fabulous title or something.)

Three years, though. Wow.

It’s like my blog is old or something.

Does that mean it’s supposed to be wise?


Hopefully not… three years and I still haven’t run out of random.

‘kay, so some resolutions for this year…

  • Finish Blank Mastermind
  • Do more recipes
  • And more photos
  • Maybe get my books published that I’ve been polishing and/or writing

Soooo last minute special thing… Let’s say you can ask a question in the comments and I’ll answer everyone’s (as long as it’s not like asking my social security number or something) in another post? 

Okay, so we’ll do that.

To wrap up…

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR STICKING AROUND AND ACTUALLY ENJOYING MY STUFFS! You people are awesome. Here’s to another great year!


Not bad for a last minute thing, hopefully. 😛

See you guys around,


30 thoughts on “3 Years of Writefury

  1. Yes, it’s all Wolfgang’s fault that Blank Mastermind took over everything. You annoying villain. Not really. *pats Wolf bc I wasn’t serious* . . . or was I? (Or maybe we’re all wrong and it’s Dallas’s fault. Yeah, that makes more sense.)

    Ah yes. I was that 200th follower. The good ol’ days . . . And that April Fool’s prank was like WUT. I’d forgotten it was April Fools until I read all the comments. #gullible 😛 😀

    Books book booooooks. I wanna see them published! ❤ YOUR "STUFFS" ARE AWESOME. 😀 😀 Happy 3-year blog birthday!! Yay for your new brother!!!! Also you are like queen of finding perfect GIFs for your posts. 🙂

    1. I think it’s kind of all the characters’ faults. Wolfgang and you guys especially for making me keep writing. 😛
      HEY YEAH YOU WERE I REMEMBER THAT. You were just a tiny baby blogger then. ❤
      I seriously thought no one would fall for that. I mean, a Huggies box time machine?! I guess the suspension of belief with science goes farther than I thought…
      Awwwww, thank you! ❤ Thanks for sticking around and being awesome! 😀

  2. Happy birthday! I’ve only been hanging around here for a relatively short time, but I’ve really enjoyed it. 😀 You’re a great writer!
    If you want a question… What is your favorite unusual and/or fictional meal? (Sorry, I’m bad at questions and that was the best thing I could come up with on the spot!)

  3. Yay happy blogday! *hands out cake*

    Question if you’d like: If you know your MBTI type, what is it? If you don’t know, how would you describe your personality?

  4. YAYYYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *cookies and much foodies yum yes*

    Also I don’t think I’ve asked you my trademark question before: would you rather have a sparkly unicorn or a pink dragon?

  5. Happy Birthday! Here’s some cookie dough and ice cream! Yippee Skippee (Corissa knows what I mean 🙂 )
    Q 1: Is your baby brother born yet?
    Q 2: What is this book you’ve been working on?
    and q 3: What is this thing with Wolfy and another guy as hoboes that I’ve seen something about in comments on BM?

    1. Thank you! 😀
      Um… I’ll answer the third question right here, actually. That’s just Mike, a friend’s character and we’re doing this character-lounge thing where they’re both hoboes.


    Yeah … I kinda forget this stuff, too. Like, my first blogiversary my sister casually said something a week in advance. And I gave her this really blank look. Um, yeah.

    Anyways, that’s awesome!!! And you probably ARE suppose to be wise … but, eh. No one needs to know. 😉

    As for questions … what has been your favorite post to write; (hahahaha) favorite sibling; and what has been the most “wise” thing that you’ve ever said.

    1. THANK YOU!!!
      Yeah, the first couple years I put it on my calendar and planned a bunch… but moving… I don’t HAVE a calendar with me. *shrug*
      FAVORITE SIBLING WHAT SORT OF QUESTION IS THAT?! XD *shakes head* I’ll think of something…

      1. I know!!! I had a calender (it was from my mom’s work, so it had a bunch of cute baby pictures …. ;P ) and I loved it dearly. But now I don’t have one. Since I don’t technically have a room yet… I’m in the same boat.
        Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahhaha. *cough* Um, yeah. That was a little unnecessary. 😀

        1. I KNOWWW
          Ugh. And I’d put together a nautical calendar for the year that I was super happy about too… 😥
          *raises glass of apple juice* Here’s to both of us getting rooms soon!
          Eh, I’ll just say all of them. And then why each sibling is my favorite. XD

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