2016: Giving Past-Me A Heart Attack

Usually, year-to-year, stuff pretty much goes on as usual.

We might have taken up some new instrument… I’ll have my different projects and such that change… maybe there’s a new dog or something.

But 2016.

If I could time travel… 2015 Rosey would be utterly shocked, I’m positive.

Short list of the things that were miles away from my mind at last new years…

  • My family moved across the country. Seriously, for the longest time, that was my biggest fear. “We’re going to move away from all the nice things right here and life will be awful and I’ll die.” Well, guess what? I didn’t die. Not all that horrible, actually.


  • I got a new baby brother in October, and I won the family guess sheet for guessing details and stuff about the birth. (The last of which I have never done before.)
  • I got to go to the OYAN summer workshop in June, which was absolutely fantastic and I’ve found my peeps, so here’s hoping I can go back. But this was like absolutely out of the question before the moving, so a year ago, this was my most wistful thinking and past-me would be totally freaking out that I got to go.
  • Blank Mastermind. Like, everything about Blank Mastermind is so out-of-the blue. For one, it was just supposed to be short story. And I did my other short stories first because I thought they had more potential. And look at that. It’s turned into my favorite thing I’ve written… the longest thing I’ve written…. and kind of something that’s taken over the blog. Also I barely plotted that thing out at all and I’m usually a pretty hardcore plotter.
  • Okay, part of the above point. But can I just have a moment to balk at the fact that I have a character that I like and relate to named Wolfgang Dankworth? I mean, really. Wolfgang. Wolfgang. Out of all the characters that could have come to life for me… Wolfgang. -stares at that for a second- -shakes head- Okay, moving on….
  • Kind of smaller thing, but I got my hair cut short and I liked it.
  • Exactly how long we stayed drifting around and just the adventures over the past six months… just… wow.

And out of all of those things that happened? Guess how many I would have guessed?


Nothin’, zilch, nada.

But it happened.

And, lookit that folks,  I survived it and everything’s okay.


So, big lesson learned.

I probably have no idea what’s coming this year. The me right now is probably going to be utterly shocked at the going-into-2018-me next year. But, hey. Hopefully I can keep perspective, faith and a optimism through all of it.

Here comes a new year.


And here I am, armed to the teeth with a couple of pocketknives, a paracord whip and a weird sense of humor.

Come at me, 2017.


We got this, guys.

If worst comes to worst, come to my house. We’ll whittle spears and survive on cookies.


27 thoughts on “2016: Giving Past-Me A Heart Attack

  1. I have hard time believing you could run out of faith, optimism, or perspective, Rosey.
    You’re an awesome girl, and knowing you is so fun. I’m so glad to have found your blog. 🙂
    Keep up the humor and all else that makes you you.
    And surviving on cookies sounds fun. 😀

    Oh, and about that guy named Wolfgang—yeah. About that. WOW. Not a peep that dislikes his unique name.

    Congrats on your new bro, btw. And on the guessing. 😉

    1. D’awww, thanks. ❤ :3
      Surviving on cookies would be wonderful. (or we could go the Bad News route and do ice cream. XD)
      I've actually found myself having the crazy thought of 'you know, I like the name Wolfgang. maybe I'll save it for one of my kids.' And then my pocket-wolfgang interjects that I could never ever inflict that awfulness on any child….

    1. Thanks. ^.^
      Yeah, it was getting kind of depressing with all the ‘ugh, last year was trash. this year will be trash. i hate life.’
      I don’t hate life.
      Life is awesome.
      Imma make 2017 awesome if it’s the last thing I do.

  2. Happy New Year! It sounds like you’ve had an amazing one which is great. I wish you all the best this next year. God bless! Oooh. New little siblings. Hard, but worth it, you know? I mean, my little Ryah is the bane of my existence, but without the bane of my existence, my existence would have no meaning…. IDK. I’m tired and sick and random right now.DX

  3. I loved this post!! It sounds like you had an insane year; I totally understand what it’s like to move across the country (I’ve done it twice and I’ve lived in four different states, so I can relate)! Congrats on getting a new baby brother too!! Also — YAAS MY LIL STEVE ROGERS!!

    1. Whoo, yeah, It’s hard. :/
      Thanks! Always room for more babies. ❤
      And yesss I shall go into this year in the spirit of tiny Steve. -puts up little fists and a small fighting face-

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