Nathaniel Greene/Close Memorial Park

It’s been a while since a picture post, hasn’t it?

Well, that changes today, everyone.

We are going to have pictures of…. -plug your ears, children-




Okay, admittedly not my most exciting picture post. But hey. It’s something. And geese are photogenic.




A teeny bridge.



A bench with that cool miniature effect I use sporadically.



Shhhh, the duck is sleeping. I think.



-insert something poetic about streams in the woods-



Apparently I have a thing for sneaking up on sleeping birds.



Oh look. A forest of brothers.



I thought that was a pretty picturesque statue.

And then I asked my brothers to pose with the statue. I’m kindly excluding what atrocities they subjected it to.



One-legged goose. -sage nod-



I actually get pretty decent shots by sneaking up on my brothers.

But shhh don’t tell them.


Well, hope you all enjoyed the pictures for the day. Hopefully I’ll be back with more of them and/or some short stories and recipes soon.


Which picture was your favorite? Please comment!


33 thoughts on “Nathaniel Greene/Close Memorial Park

  1. I love the pic of the boys sitting on the bench, I thought they were different people for a second! They’ve gotten so much taller! (So has Ben, he’s a couple inches taller than me now.)

    Lovely pictures, Rosey! ❀

  2. picture posts!! so pretty!!!!
    you do get good pictures when you sneak up on brothers*cough* XD
    I like the teeny bridge and the stream in the woods one best. *nod* but those ducks, omw. XD and the forest of brothers. XD

  3. Park pictures are the best ever! My family went to a park this past weekend and my sister and I took a ton of pictures–mostly of our brothers in unsuspecting poses. πŸ™‚

  4. That looks like a really cool park. I love the one on the stream!
    For a moment I thought the chain was attached to your brother’s foot, not the bench, and was confused. πŸ˜›

  5. The forest of brothers is my fave, of course! πŸ˜„ And the fact that you have a couple of spares, if you need them to sub in. Great shots all, though. But why-oh-why did you leave out the one of the boys with the statue? I’m telling you, folks – writefury is holding out on you. It would definitely upset the whole peace and tranquility vibe of this post, tho…

  6. Yassss. Sleeping geese. And brothers. I love the fact they’re all barefoot. At my place of you leave the house barefoot, you get in trouble with the shoe police. Anyway. That’s really pretty. And you’re super good at that.

  7. I was so confused that you hadn’t posted in such a long time . . . then I checked your blog today and realized that somehow it had been removed from my reader??? and I was missing out on awesomeness for over a month?????? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS WORDPRESS. But anyway. I’m baaaaaack — did a little catching up and binge-reading, so I’m good to go. XD The photos are so lovely, and the one of your brothers is so nice!

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