Passover Videos

Heyo, everyone!

So most well known would be the fact that Easter is coming up. But that’s not me, so we’re doing Passover things today.

And they’re other people’s videos because I don’t have enough creative juice at the moment to share a passover story or recipe. It’ll happen sometime during the week, though. Probably.

First off, we have a very clever little video put together by Aish about if Moses, Pharaoh and God all had social media and modern technology. 


And then the Maccabeats, of course.

Because combining Les Mis songs and the Exodus story is brilliant.


So, hope you guys have an awesome day! Which video did you like best?

See ya later,


8 thoughts on “Passover Videos

  1. 😀 Nice videos! I hope you have a wonderful passover. I do have a small question, however, DO you celebrate Easter? It sounded implied in your blog post that you don’t, but I’ve read posts where you’ve mentioned Jesus (I think, at least XD) . 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      Yeah, I’m a sort of complicated breed. XD I don’t celebrate Easter, no. But I do believe in Jesus.
      Lots of stuff I could go into and all, but basically doing what Jesus actually did and God said to do not the newer holidays that have sort of taken on a lot of different other traditions.

      1. I was reading some of your older blog posts to try and piece it together cause I was curious. Please don’t be offended if I ask questions ;D It’s just cause I’m curious, not trying to trap you in words. I promise.

        *nods* Ah okay. So more of a “I believe in this but I don’t celebrate it because it’s not what it used to be anymore”? Like you believe Jesus redeemed us and rose from the dead, but Easter itself has become far different from what it used to be?

        1. (eep i lost this -flail-)
          Exactly. And honestly Passover was what Jesus celebrated, First Fruits being the actual resurrection day.
          And with all the converting religions, Christianity was sort of “well, we can keep that pagan tradition here if it’s really so special to you”, so it’s kind of become a mess of unbiblical traditions over the years. XP

  2. Happy Pasca, Passover, Easter, Spring and (pretty much everything else I’ve forgotten to wish you happy for,) I hope you have a great one. It’s cool that you follow the life of Jesus, and kind of inspiring. Give your family hugs and best wishes from me, and I’ll be praying for you!

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