Catching Up {Blank Mastermind Deleted Scene}

Blank Mastermind Thursday rises again.

I’m in the middle of actually at the beginning of going through and editing at the moment. But while I was letting it sit, I couldn’t leave the story alone. So there are a lot of deleted scenes/alternate POVs sitting around.

And you lovely folks are getting one today.

Ever wondered what part 2 looked like from Bad News’s point of view?

Well, today we’re finding out.

Ladies and gents, please welcome Baden News to the mic.

Catching Up

Since meeting Wolfgang, I’d had lots of little moments where I had to wonder, “what exactly is he doing?”

I mean, it usually worked out. I never said it out loud.

But this time, I couldn’t help it.

“What is he even doing?” I pushed my fedora up on my forehead and frowned out the windshield of my truck.

That was his car, for sure. And I’d know that hair sticking out above the driver’s seat anywhere.

But he had like a weird bandana thing around his head. It looked really dorky and I hoped he hadn’t worn that to the opera. Even if it was just to murder someone.

Then I saw a bit of green in the backseat and frowned. I sat up straighter so I could see better and my frown deepened.

Was that . . . Dallas? And was he asleep in the back of Wolfgang’s car?

Wolfgang looked in his rearview mirror and his eyes widened as he saw me. Which probably meant he’d done something he shouldn’t have.

I gave him my “pull over, we need to talk” look, but he just looked away. His turn signal came on and he veered off the exit to this town I’d never even heard of.


Again, I had to ask myself . . . what the heck was he doing?

I flicked my own turn signal on and followed him. Somebody was cruising for some bad luck . . .

He was acting weird. Usually, even if he was in trouble for something, he eventually came around and faced up to it . . . talked to me, at the very least. But he wasn’t slowing up. Just kept on driving down the road, occasionally peeking back in the mirror at me.

I frowned at him and shook my head.

Wolfgang looked like I’d just thrown a snake around his neck and quickly looked away from the mirror.

Man, he must have done something bad if he was that scared of me.

Probably spilled spaghetti on his tux or something. I told him not to stain that thing.

We kept driving along with me tailing him for another few minutes. The road wound out away from the town and soon our two cars were the only ones in sight.

I pushed my sunglasses up a little and squinted. Wolfgang was kind of tipping in his seat and the car wasn’t keeping in a straight line very well. Was he drunk or something?

Finally, he seemed to get my hint and steered the car off the road, coasting to a stop in the red rock gravel.

“Finally,” I muttered to myself, putting the truck into park right behind him. I checked my pockets to make sure I had anything I might need. Band-aids . . . a wooden spoon . . . and a little bottle of Aspirin. Should do me just fine.

Popping the door open, I hopped out, straightened my tie and started towards the Mustang.

Wolfgang had just stopped and flopped over the wheel. Yeah, like I’d fall for that. Playing possum doesn’t get you out of anything.

I came up by his side of the car and stood there with my arms crossed, waiting for him to sit up and meet my eyes.

He didn’t.

I frowned again and looked him over. Yeah, it looked like he’d messed up another perfectly good tuxedo. Blood all over it. And that was just from what I could see. His jacket was covering the rest.

His eyes stayed closed and his mouth hung partway open.

Could he have actually conked out that fast?

Hold on . . . I uncrossed my arms and leaned a bit closer. Looked like that blood was actually his. Huh. So he could have just passed out.

“Heyo,” I patted his pale cheek and gave a short whistle. “C’mon, buddy. Enough monkey business.”

Wolfgang didn’t twitch.

“Wolf, really.” I pulled on his hair. That usually woke him up faster than anything. He stayed still.

I let out a sigh, stood up a bit straighter and tried to puzzle out his backseat passenger. Dallas looked like he’d gotten a bit of strawberry sauce on his front too. So there had been a run-in at the opera, obviously. But why was Dallas even in the car? Why hadn’t Wolf finished him off?

I twisted my mouth off to the side and tugged at my tie thoughtfully as I looked back down at Wolfgang. The kid really needed twenty-four seven surveillance. And maybe some comic books. Definitely ice cream. Just like . . . to chill out for a bit.

He’d said we were getting close on finishing off the whole revenge thing. Barely been sleeping the last few weeks. Double his usual amount of coffee. And I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen him smile at something that wasn’t just . . . sick and wrong.

Maybe after this he’d consider that Disneyland trip I’d suggested.

I couldn’t stand looking at the awful bandana around his head anymore, so I reached down and pulled it off. My eyebrows shot up.

Well, there was the explanation for all the blood and the whole passing out thing. The back of his head was split open.

That’d do it.

I pushed my hat back and rubbed at my forehead. Wolf’d had a few head wound things before. Some blood loss stuff too. And hospitals weren’t exactly keen on taking in someone who’d put so many people in there in the first place. So I’d managed, and kept everyone in pretty good health if I do say so myself.

This wouldn’t be too different. I had a little shack set up in Wendover that we could crash at for the night. I’d hook up the Mustang to the back of my truck to get that there. Then I could pinch some food from the gas station nearby and we’d chill until Wolfgang felt better.

Probably best to bring Dallas too. I mean, Wolf always had his reasons. And even if not, we could always dump him off to die somewhere else.

I shrugged and popped his door open. He almost fell out onto the gravel. I caught him, pulling him upright and getting my arms under to carry him to the truck. His head flopped back against my arm, getting another spot of blood on my coat. I had plenty more, so I didn’t mind.

I patted his shoulder as I settled him in my backseat.

“Sleep it off, bucko. You’ll be good.”

Wolfgang groaned softly.

I frowned.

At least, I think you sleep off severely bleeding head wounds.

I’d have to look that up.

Hope you enjoyed!

And hey, while we’re here, let’s have some other Bad News stuff.

Like a collage.

And his character playlist. (I’ve been making these things on spotify and I tell you they’re ridiculously fun.)

Well, that’s enough Bad News for one day. XD

What other deleted scenes would you guys like to see?

Have a great Thursday, everyone! And as always, please comment!


39 thoughts on “Catching Up {Blank Mastermind Deleted Scene}

  1. Dah! I love it! *dies laughing* Bad News is still my third favorite after Dallas and Wolfgang. His POV is AWESOME! Band aids, aspirin and a wooden spoon indeed. *chokes*

    1. Thank you! 😀 Of course it’s hard for me to choose favorites among anyone -cough-otherthanwolfgangofcourse-cough- but i do like Bad News very very much. XD
      Yesss his survival kit.

  2. Thank you! I just love Blank Mastermind, (honestly though, who doesn’t? 😉 ), so I’m thrilled that you’re doing these kinds of things! And I loved Bad News point of view–very well done! 😀

  3. I can die happy now. I adored this so much. AND THE COLLAGGEEEEE. 😀 😀


    I want some scenes from Roy’s POV. Pleeeeaasseee *puppy dog eyes* He’s my favorite.

  4. Too funny…looking up whether you sleep off a severely bleeding wound. Please don’t stop writing Blank Mastermind! 🙂

  5. I have decided that I don’t care what deleted scene you post so long as I can read it. *nods because anymore emotion would be explosive* And you don’t sleep off passing out. It could lead to a coma. Speaking from experience. (Okay, no comas here, but still, don’t let your self fall asleep after passing out or I will hunt you down and thwack you awake.) The whole ‘like he did something wrong’ bit was most amusing. His thoughts on the bandanna were also priceless.

  6. “That would do it.”
    ❤ Bad News is just the best. I'm just wondering what he was going to use the wooden spoon for. And for deleted scenes… I'd like either Dallas, Cardboard, or Leif. The last two because I love seeing how kids view things in stories.

  7. GAH! I can’t even tell you how much I love Bad News. *groans and clutches hands tightly together* I just want more, and more, and more scenes from his POV. No one else needed.
    Well, just kidding. More Dallas of course. Though I can’t think off the top of my head which specific scenes I’d want from different POVs…I’d have to look at ’em all again. OH oh oh actually though, the parts when Wolfy tells the gang the final descision—when News catches him escaping from his room at night—that would be so awesome from Bad News’ POV! Agh, I’m sure there are billions more I’d like. I can’t remember them all.
    Bad News and Wolfgang’s relationship is one of my very favorite in here. The big brother/dad place News takes!! AND WHEN WOLF IS IN TROUBLE WITH HIM. *hugs them*

    You must have taken some sort of class in feelz manipulation.

  8. YESYESYESYESYESYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love the POV so much!!!!! I want more from his POV. And from Dallas. And I just want the whole thing as a delightful book to read though and stroke and grin over and lend to my brothers… 😀

    1. Thank you! 😀 I love writing it! -hugs Bad News even though i only come up to like his waist or something-
      -whispers- so I’m actually rewriting/extending the beginning if you want me to email you that? in exchange for thoughts and such of course. XD

    1. No, I’m actually kind of rewriting the beginning to be better and editing at and such before sending it to a publisher, hopefully. -crosses fingers-
      My absence would be limited internet time, actually. Life things. XD

    1. I love Bad News, seriously. ❤ I'm writing a lot of development on him for the second draft and he's just such a big teddy bear. (With claws, of course but yeah.)

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