Me Before You: Alternate Ending

There have been lots of things I’ve threatened to rewrite the endings on. But I’d never actually done it. I hadn’t been pushed to that point.


So I actually did rewrite the ending to Me Before You. (Review HERE) What I’m going to pretend happened so I can sleep at night.

Announcement: This high strung of romantic drama is really not my normal comfort zone. It was hard to write. But I’m actually somewhat pleased with the way it turned out, so hopefully you all/those of you who’ve seen the movie can enjoy and set your minds at ease.

People, this is what’s called a REPAIR-FANFIC.


Here it is.


Will was acting so normal. Smiling and laughing like nothing was wrong. Like he hadn’t just confirmed that he was going to still kill himself. Louisa felt like she would be sick.


Just one more day. He was leaving for Switzerland that evening.


And he wasn’t coming back.




Lou scuffed her feet on the airport carpet, following along behind Will and Nathan and just focusing on not bursting into tears. She barely noticed when Mr. and Mrs. Traynor met them, exclaiming over them all . . . the beautiful pictures and how wonderful Will looked.


I’m sure it’ll all be very nice for him to look tanned and healthy in his coffin. Lou clenched her teeth together tightly and gripped her suitcase handle. She walked faster as they came out into the open, moving around everyone else so she was walking out in front. So no one would have to see her face.


“Are you hungry?” Mr. Traynor asked, smiling. “There’re good eats at the Intercontinental.”


“I could eat.”


How can he sound so happy? So bloody normal?


“Excellent!” Mr. Traynor’s footsteps advanced behind Lou’s. “Louisa! Let me give you a hand with those.”


She came to a stop, not meeting his eyes. “Actually . . . I need to go home.” The last word choked in her throat and she swallowed, willing the tears back.


He didn’t seem to notice, but Will’s face shifted into a frown.


“Oh, come on,” Mr. Traynor laughed. “We want to know how you got on.”


How I got on? Horribly. I didn’t do anything right. I failed. Will’s going to kill himself anyway.


“Let her go,” Will said quietly, watching her with his expression tight.


Louisa barely waited until Will had finished speaking before starting towards the door again, speeding her step. Tears blurred the edges of her vision.


Through the door. Out onto the sidewalk. Keep walking. Don’t cry.


Just get on the bus. Get home.


“Louisa!” Footsteps behind her again. Mrs. Traynor. “Louisa!” She caught up just as Lou reached the bus. “What happened? Are you alright?”


Her throat was so tight now she could barely speak. Lou shook her head, pulling away. “I’m sorry.” It was all she could say.


She stumbled onto the bus, pulling her bags after her.


It was her plan to wait to cry until she got back. It was also the plan to not look back at the Traynors and see them. Not see them crushed by the coming loss of their only son that she’d failed to stop.


Lou failed at both.




The rest of the day Lou only remembered through a blur of tears. It had only been six months she’d spent with Will. But he was leaving her. The person she loved most in the whole world.


Nothing was okay. Nothing would ever be okay again.


While she lay in the dark that night, huddled under her blankets and making a damp tear-spot on her pillow, she noticed that rain was pouring on the roof. It sounded like someone spraying a hose on the roof.


Her dad had mentioned it earlier that evening that the weather was nasty. She hadn’t noticed.


The soft pattering was getting louder against her window. Louisa lay there quietly, listening to it for a bit. Her hiccupping breathing slowed a little and she swallowed, rubbing at her eyes. She liked rain.


She remembered Will’s face when she’d first worn her favorite yellow raincoat in to see him back when she’d first started her job at the Traynors’.


Thunder sounded and she peeked over to the window to see a white flash of lightning shine through.


Just like the storm when they were in the hotel with the lightning over the water and the white curtains flapping through the door.


Everything seemed to remind her of Will.


Doubt that’s going to stop any time soon.


At least they’re happy memories.


At least . . . I got the time with him that I did.


Louisa held her knees to her chest and pulled her blanket up. She watched the lightning and rain until she finally drifted off to sleep.






Her mother’s voice made Louisa jolt upright in her bed. She blinked a couple of times, her face feeling puffy from all the crying. Her stomach was still in knots and her throat was tight


She rubbed at her eyes and swung her legs out of bed. “Wh-what is it, mum?”


Goodness, my voice sounds bloody awful . . .


Rain still came down hard outside, blowing against her small window in sheets.


Footsteps came down the hall and her door creaked open. Her mother poked inside, holding out Lou’s phone. “Someone on the phone for you, love.”


Louisa frowned. Who could it be? Not Patrick . . . not Will . . .


Cautiously, she took the phone and held it to her ear. “Hello?”


A familiar, New Zealand accent came from the other end. “G’day, Lou. It’s Nathan. You doin’ alright?”


Mrs. Clark slipped out of the room.


“Um, well . . .” Lou pulled on one of the strands coming loose from her messy braid and swallowed again, trying to make her voice not sound so croaky. “N-not really.”


Will’s dying. How can I be “alright”?


It was quiet for a second.


“I . . . well . . .” Nathan cleared his throat a little. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have rung.”


Lou shook her head, pushing the frizz back from her face. “No, it’s okay, Nathan. What’s up?’


“Well, I’m guessing you’ve seen the weather outside. And . . . it’s not really the greatest for flying in, as you can imagine.”


Louisa gripped the phone a little tighter.


“So,” Nathan continued. “The Switzerland trip’s delayed. Mrs. T’s still trying to work it out, but it’ll be a day or two. And I didn’t plan on really having to be around today, so my schedule’s all booked. But Will still needs someone around to help him.”


Silence for another few seconds.


Will had another day. One last day she could be with him. One more day before he . . . he . . .


Lou bit her lip.


“D’you . . . think you could come by and take a shift for me? Honestly, I think he’d . . . like having you around for a bit more. He’s barely said a word since we got back from the airport I know you . . .” Nathan trailed off. “I’m sorry, Lou. I’ll call someone el-“


“No, I’ll come.” The words came out louder than she intended.


Nathan cut off what he was trying to say and Lou could almost see the surprise on his face. “Are you sure? I mean, your six months are up and I know how hard it’s gotta be for you . . .”


Louisa swallowed. “I’ll come,” she repeated. She forced a small laugh. “I’ve always worked overtime at my other jobs anyways.”


“Alright. Well . . . thanks.” Nathan let out his breath. “And good luck.”


I’ll need it. Lou ended the call and dropped her phone in her lap, taking a few seconds to stare at the wall and try not to cry again.


Was she really doing this?


I have one more day to be with Will. And even if I can’t change his mind . . .


She felt her face crumple just at the thought.


But she pushed the thought away and took a deep breath, pushing her hair back and standing up.


One more rainy day to try and bring sunshine for Will.


And she needed to get dressed.




Of course the day after his set death-date would be alone. And rainy.


He shouldn’t have even been here to see this miserable weather.


D*** bloody storms. Will ran his tongue over his teeth and let out his breath as he watched the rain drizzle down the glass.


After all the buildup and counting down for six whole months . . . to just be sitting here. He didn’t even have Nathan around.


Why couldn’t he have just been gone already? Let everyone get on with their lives without having to worry about him.


Do my bit to improve the world. Not like I can do much else except wiggle my eyebrows.


Will moved his fingertips a little and shifted the wheelchair backwards.


A rumble of thunder came from outside.


Just like that other storm . . .


He flinched slightly, remembering the last time he and Louisa had spoken to each other. Well, that had gone so wonderfully he’d probably chased her off forever. The one good thing that had come out of all this. Brilliant.


This would be best for her. Not to have him tying her back from everything someone else could give her.


But, God, what he wouldn’t give just to have her walk in that door again . . . wearing some ridiculous outfit. To hear her say-


“Good morning, Will.”


Will startled at the sudden voice behind him. That sounded like . . .


But she left. Why would she . . .?


Will worked the controls and turned the chair to face the door.


There stood Louisa, setting down her umbrella and taking off her dripping, yellow raincoat. Her hair hung in two braids over her shoulders, dripping onto her yellow blouse, and she kept her head down, looking at her feet. Her legs were striped in black and yellow bumblebee tights.


A bit of the depression in the air lifted just with her being there. A touch of warmth came into the room.


She came back.


Will blinked. “Good morning, Clark,” he replied cautiously.


Louisa didn’t look at him as she pulled her wet wellingtons off by the door. She sat there and swallowed, then looked up and gave Will a tight smile.


“So . . . the flight got canceled, did it?” she asked. The usual lightness in her voice fell flat. It was obvious she’d been crying.


Will nodded. “Yeah. It did.” He kept his wheelchair in place. Lou didn’t move any closer to him.


She stood up, brushing off her short skirt with her hands.


Silence hung in the air.


Lou glanced over Will’s shoulder to the window and the rain outside. There was another rumble of thunder.


“DVD weather?” she asked.


Will opened his mouth and closed it again. “Ah, maybe . . . later?”


Lou nodded and tapped her fingers against her leg, looking askance towards the kitchen. “Well, then . . . I’ll be in the kitchen.”


The next hour passed with very little conversation between the two of them.


Louisa looked like a different person. Not smiling. Head down. Keeping quietly to herself and watching her feet instead of everything around her. The stripy, yellow legs were the only thing that looked like the old Lou. She was like a bright, colorful balloon that all the air had been let out of.


She was acting like he was already dead.


But this was supposed to be best for everyone. He was leaving her enough to start her own life. She could have a happy life with running-man. With Patrick.


He was helping her towards her own good.


Wasn’t he?


Will kept watching her anxiously and trying to start up conversation. Not a lot actually got a response. Once he remarked about some event happening in town the next week and she’d perked up for a second.


“Ooh, you know, we could . . .” Louisa trailed off, her partial smile melting away. “I mean . . . I could . . .” she shook her head, going quiet again. “Never mind.”




Whenever that word came up, it instantly cut off any conversation that had been happening.


The plans were made. Even if they were delayed for a bit, they were still happening. He was still going to Switzerland.


But looking at Louisa and knowing that this would be how he was leaving her . . . and just the fact that he was leaving her . . . made him feel like some sort of criminal.


Eventually, Will just stationed himself by the window to watch the lightning.


What was wrong with him?


Will Traynor. The man who always knew what he was doing and how he was doing it. Either it was how he planned it or it wasn’t happening it all.


But this . . . was different.


Was he just being selfish going through with it, like Lou had said?


Did it really have to be all or nothing with life? He’d actually lived these past six months. And he could keep doing it.


****. Why did that bloody flight have to get canceled? He wouldn’t even be having this problem.


I also wouldn’t be having another day with Louisa.


Will clenched his teeth and leaned back against his headrest.


The background noise of Lou’s shuffling around the annex got closer. He heard her footsteps as she came through the door into the room, moving cautiously.


She scuffed her stripy feet on the floor as she took a seat on the couch nearby, looking out the window with him


It was quiet for a few minutes. Eerily quiet, considering Louisa Clark was in the room.


Finally, Will couldn’t stand it anymore.


“So. How’s Patrick?”


Lou shrugged, picking at the hem of her shirt. “He left. Before the trip.”




Will fidgeted with his controls a little, turning slightly more towards her. “I’m sorry.”


“He said I was . . . spending too much time with you for it to mean nothing.” She still didn’t look at him. Her tone implied she didn’t disagree.


So she’d given up Patrick for him. Am I going to leave too now?


Will glanced back out the window. “Do you . . . have any plans now?”


“Just . . . help out with my parents. Stick around home.”


Okay, now she was just trying to push his buttons. He frowned down at her.


Lou was still looking out the window, hugging a couch pillow to her chest. She certainly looked sincere about it.


She laughed a little. “Probably kind of pathetic that I can’t be adventurous without you around. But it’s true. You . . .” her words choked. “You can’t leave, Will. I won’t ever love anyone else.”


Will blinked a couple of times, swallowing. “Louisa, I can’t . . . do anything for you that no one else can . . .”


“You can live,” Louisa looked up and fiercely met his gaze, her braids whipping around. “I love you you bloody idiot! You only get one life, Will Traynor. And you have your duty to make the most of it. It doesn’t just apply to me, alright?”


Her words rang loudly in the room, still echoing in Will’s ears even after the sound was gone. The pattering of rain on the window got quieter.

They held each others’ gaze for another few seconds before Will closed his eyes and sighed.


Lou narrowed her eyes, almost glaring at him.


Will shook his head. A half chuckle came out. “There’s really no accounting for your taste in anything, Clark.”


Louisa opened her mouth, then pressed her lips together in a tight line, not sure what she was supposed to say back.


The door to the annex opened and closed again. The sound of slick business shoes hitting the floorboards came closer and Mr. Traynor appeared at the doorway, papers in hand. His face looked worn and older than he had the day before.


“Well, the weather looks to be clearing a little,” he remarked. He walked into the room. “We’re working on rescheduling the flight, Will. If you want, we could get it . . .”


“Cancel it.”


Lou’s head snapped up and she looked between Mr. Traynor and Will with shock.


Mr. Traynor faltered, his eyes going wide. “Wh-what did you say?”


“I said cancel the flight,” Will raised his eyebrows and gave his best attempt at a shrug. “I’m not going. I’ve got . . . things to do here.” A grin broke across his face as he looked over to Louisa. “And that sort of requires living.”


Her disbelief morphed into the purest expression of joy he’d ever seen.


“Will!” she squealed, launching herself at him in a hug.


Mr. Traynor had to catch the wheelchair from tipping over from the hug-force.


Ahhh -smooths the tape over my broken heart- that’s better.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed it. ❤

’til next time,


26 thoughts on “Me Before You: Alternate Ending

    1. Good plan. XD
      Though honestly a few YouTube clips from near the beginning wouldn’t be the worst if you wanted to see a little of the cuteness. -nudge- (I’m still not over how much Will and Wolfgang are similar)

  1. I have not seen this movie, but I really love the ending that you can up with!! You did an amazing job with the romance writing..stuff. *Thumbs up*

  2. I’ve never seen Me Before You, but I do know what happens and how problematic the ending is and LET ME SAY I LIKE THIS MUCH MUCH BETTER. XD

  3. I’ve seen Me Before You and absolutely agree with everything you said in your review. So this is BEAUTIFUL ❤

  4. I just watched Me Before You and started searching for alternative endings. I feel better after reading your story. It was actually well done. Thank you!

  5. So many thoughts after watching the movie multiple times & now reading the book. I love the alternative ending because we all love a happy ending. Probably not realistic tho. These characters are scored on my heart.💔

  6. Thank you so much for this ending.
    I absolutely love it.
    I was in tears everytime I thought of will dying but now I can think of Will living
    thanks so mucht!

  7. I literally just saw the movie last night and I literally skipped the last ten minutes after the airport scene. So I came back to this post and basically pictured everything you wrote with the characters and, oh man… it’s so wonderful. Thanks so much!! Your writing is awesome, by the way, I like how you stayed consistent and realistic with the characters. Love Lou+Will so much and the life they would have together. This ending makes so much more sense instead of the the one in which he dies and she’s happy because she now has the money he left her etc.


    1. !!!
      oh my gosh dude that makes me so happy, thank you so much!
      glad to know I wasn’t the only one being indulged by this, because that’s basically what I’ve done with the movie ever since writing this. xD

      1. You’re bloody brilliant… Didn’t overdo it and didn’t make it underwhelming.It was just right enough to have served as a better ending (atleast out of respect for the differently abled that grind it out every day but don’t give up )
        Also attention to detail was amazing here.All the elements of a great writer.Appreciate the work you put into this mate.Cheers

  8. I found the last 15 minutes of the film to say the least really not ok and appropriate. What you wrote is not only a much nicer and loveable ending, but also a far more realistic one. They should have make the film exactly with this ending! Thanks for writing and posting it.

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