Blank Mastermind: New Prologue

I know I put up a ton of “deleted scene” sort of things, but you know none of them are actually…. y’know… deleted.

So today, here’s our first legitimate deleted scene.


So, this prologue was originally meant to give more context to the first chapter. And I still think it’s pretty cool, but in the end, just leaving the reader with as much context as Wolfgang has to the whole thing won out.

It iissss a tad bit bloody, if that bugs you, so that was another point I took into consideration. Still. Behind the scenes fun stuff for you guys, plus a collage. ❤


here’s the place where I admit I totally stole a Mission Impossible setting and yes that’s a screenshot.

Agent Friday hadn’t planned on dying.


But as he felt the shot hit him, he knew he his plans had changed. Changed from trying to apprehend this man peacefully to doing what he could before his time ran out. And he was out of bullets.


His opponent’s guard relaxed for just a second. A brief moment of assurance in his victory as the blood gushed from Friday’s wound.


And that was the moment to make his last move.


He pried his red-stained hands off his middle, one gripping his gun and one grabbing the front of the other man’s shirt, pulling him closer. Hands trembling, he brought the butt of his pistol up quickly and brought it down again with the last desperate strength left in his limbs.


On the back of the other man’s head.


A curse choked out and Friday felt another shot into his middle.


Ignoring the rush of blood and barely keeping his feet, he brought his pistol down again . . . and again . . .


He saw blood on the other man now.


One last chance.


One last opportunity for him to stop the villain who’d destroyed so much.


Make one last difference . . . complete his mission to stop the monster . . .


The other man’s grip on his gun slackened and there was a clunk as it fell to the cement floor.


His eyes met Friday’s. Just moments ago, they were filled with murderous rage. Now they were just blank. Confused. His mouth opened as if to ask a question, but before he could, his eyes rolled back and he went limp.


Friday dropped him. A cold feeling was leaking up his limbs and the next thing he knew, he was on the ground, darkness closing over him like icewater.


His last mission was over.


His life was over.


He took one last shaking breath and exhaled it in a prayer.


“Please, God . . . I . . . did my best. Erase . . . the villain.”




-so interesting- -much oh-ing and ah-ing-

And if that intrigued you, you can read the story (first draft) here: Blank Mastermind

Yep. Short and sweet for right now. I’m working on some more post-story…. things though. So hopefully I’ll be back with those next time. (And maybe some photography whenever the stupid computer decides to give my pictures back -whacks it-)

See you guys next time,


19 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind: New Prologue

  1. I read that waaayyyyyy to vividly….
    It was AMAZING!!

    And the top middle picture… My MC has been making that face constantly -_- (The big goof) but he doesn’t have the hair . 😛

  2. <33 agent Friday is really starting to grow on me.

    my question tho, did you write agent Friday for the first time on a … Friday?

  3. I think I’m more confused by this than I ever was by the first chapter. Besides, I loved how you just dropped us into the story in the first chapter without introduction. It was great. I love your writing style so much. So of course I loved this.

  4. This is great! I agree that it’s best to leave this out, but it is really cool… I’m glad you shared it with us!
    Also I love the ending–implying that God answered his final prayer and that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain… *sniffles quietly* masterfully done!
    But seriously, if you think about it, Agent Friday is the most important character in the story. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be a story. There’d be no hero Wolf.

  5. Ah, that was really cool… I don’t remember anything about an Agent Friday in the first draft, but I know when this is. *sniff* And TOTALLY what Esther said about the ending. Most epic foreshadowing ever.

  6. on the one hand, this is awesome!
    On the other hand, the little bit of detail that you hinted at would have been way too much and I’m actually glad it got cut because the opening you went with is just so perfect.

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