Publishing Update, Fun Stuff & Eclipse

Heylo, guys. -wave-

I promise, I was just busy on Thursday and forgot to post. But I’m here now. πŸ˜€

Sooo, first things first… publishing update.

Blank Mastermind draft 2 is now fully rewritten, edited, cover-letter-ed and sent off to the publisher. I’ll hear back in 8-12 weeks on whether it’s a go or not.

No pressure. We’re cool.

Mm hmm, this should be interesting. o_O

I’ll definitely let you guys know how things turn out. Until then, I’ll just let you in on the joy of waiting.

NOW some fun things to distract ourselves from all that.

A friend on OYAN did this cool thing of her characters. Sort of a “tag yourself”/”who are you?” thing. Draw all the characters, give them nicknames and list some traits underneath.

So I did that and here it is. -tada-

Tell me who you are in the comments! πŸ˜€

And some Blank Mastermind songs and collages now.

That’s a nice sad/scary villain-Wolfgang song.

And now a less sad Bad News-to-Wolfgang song.

Collages to go with:

and then we need something happy so here’s Wolfgang’s mom

I mean…. that’s sort of happy, right? ❀ (look look, the picture is even of mozart music)

-taps fingers-


I’m one of the lucky people pretty close to the totality, so I’ll be seeing that. (Safely with eclipse glasses. Don’t worry, we won’t have a blind writefury on our hands.)

Also fun random, I happen to be reading the Lunar Chronicles right now so I find that oddly appropriate for the occasion. (I’m gonna review the heck out of this thing so stay tuned.) (WHICH REMINDS ME OF ANOTHER FUN THING. There’s an official character quiz thing for it here. I took it before reading and I got the guy who later ended up being my favorite character so whaddya know.)


Aaaanyway, I think that’s enough random for the day and I should stop dumping things on you guys.

Hope I improved your Monday by a little bit! XD

And remember, Blank Mastermind will be a book one day, don’t look at the eclipse without glasses, go read the Lunar Chronicles, tell me which characters you are, and God made you special and he loves you very much. ❀

You guys are awesome, have a great day.


38 thoughts on “Publishing Update, Fun Stuff & Eclipse

          1. WAIT I tried it on my iPad and it worked. XD I actually got Cress, but some of the answers could have been more than one answer for me, so I dunno. XD


    The Lunar Chronicles are fantastic. Recommend them 1005%.

    Love your drawings, and I’m closest to “Tinker”. πŸ™‚

    1. I love making aesthetics ❀ that Bad News and Wolfgang one was my phone background for a while. XD
      YAS. I'm just starting Winter and omw I love these too much. (Thorne is the best tho)
      Thanks! πŸ™‚ that's great

  2. First of all, congrats on sending your book to a publisher! I know how exciting + scary that can be. Can’t wait to hear what is going to happen with it! -crosses fingers that they’ll publish it-
    The lunar chronicles -fangirls- they are fantastic. I love them so much. ❀

    1. Thank you! -crosses fingers with you- I know they’re looking for new books too so here’s hoping.
      Aauugh they have to be some of my favorite books ever now ❀ they're wonderful. Who are you on the quiz?

  3. Ahhh the BAD NEWS AND WOLFGANG STUFF. The song. The collage. *weeps* There may come a day when Bad News is my favorite. I can not get over this relationship. There’s just…it’s way too much. I can’t say it all. Even though I say this every time. *loses it*
    Whewy, good luck surviving 8 to 12 weeks with that hanging over you. O.O Ow. BUT SO EXCITING.
    I really don’t know who I’d pick for me. I got Dallas with the BM test awhile back, and he’s probably the closest but not really very close. πŸ˜› Those drawings are adorable.
    And yessssss the eclipse. We already saw the peak (thru our filter πŸ˜‰ ) and it’s on the decline now. Too cool.

    1. I do love News with all my heart and soul. But after this much Wolfgang writing, I’m like genetically half Wolfgang so. (Holy spades tho I have so many wonderful News and Wolfgang stories and AUs. Like Star Wars where Wolfgang’s Han Solo and News is Chewbacca. Or Princess Bride where they’re Inigo and Fezzik. XD)
      Yeeeaah hangin in there. O-o
      Yesss sweet lil Dallas. -hug- ❀

  4. Good luck with Blank Mastermind!! Also, I just wanted to say that all of the different mediums you use (collages, words, songs, character drawings) are so great in just bringing your whole story to life. It’s freakin’ awesome!! πŸ˜€

  5. Aw yes. I’m waiting for The Lunar Chronicles to come in at my library. I’m not in the path, so the eclipse was kinda weird here? It just got a little dimmer and cooler, nothing too dang dramatic xp

    1. Yessss you’ll love the lunar chronicles <3<3 (Thorne, ok. You need Thorne. He's….. okay I might just rant to you on OYAN but you need these books.)
      Yeah, I think that's all my fam back in Washington really got. Still cool tho. πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. Good luck with the publisher! We’re all hoping it goes well!
    Umm… nothing really fits me on the Blank Mastermind one, I guess I’d be an odd cowlick-tinker amalgam with a dash of good gumdrop… I think? I’m not sure. And I got Cress on the Lunar Chronicles quiz.

  7. I’m so excited! I loved the aesthetics, but OW. Ow. Wolfy, baby. Gees kiddo. I am somewhere between Speedball, Tinker and Goody Gumdrop all at once? SOrta? With like, the taking care of everyone part of Lie Detector, (who you should have just called Scary Sunglasses for the Win.), and like, a lot of other characteristics thrown in? I dunno.

  8. I’m either lie detector or stupendous-man. Can’t quite decide. xD
    ooooh new music *adds to spotify*
    I read Cinder like a year ago and now Scarlet has been by my bedstand for about a month, waiting to be read. But I’m kind of on a reading slump and we’ll see when that happens.

    1. You can be stupendous lie detector XD
      HEY YOU’RE ON SPOTIFY what’s your username on there?
      -pokes you- reeeeeaad iiiit Scarlet is awesome. ❀ plus that book is where Thorne shows up and Thorne is the best.
      THANK YOU THANK YOU -goes back to really stressing about it-

      1. Sounds good XD
        I’m victoriaevangeline *nodnod* You?
        I willllll. Lemme just finish the books I’m reading now. I’m reading one on Edward Snowden which is pretty cooool.
        *covers you in blankie*

        1. Kewl. I just followed you. I’m writefury99 and I have lots of ridiculously long playlists so. XD (Hey, though, you probably will recognize some of the characters I have playlists for.)
          Ohh shweet. ❀ Definitely email me when you read them or something because they require fangirling.
          -hugs blankie to my face to not hyperventilate- Partly why i'm writing all these short stories. to distract myself. XD

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