More Fall Photography

Heyyyy look.

I live.


And I’m here to give you more fall photos because…. come on…. there’s no such thing as too many, right? (Plus NaNo has swallowed my blogging time whole so hehe, I’m going behind its back.)


Anyway. enjoy the pretty pictures, people. ❤




Somebody’s chimney that I thought looked pretty cool.


A house. With some sort of high-contrast dramatic effect.


I just loved the combination of colors here. ❤


Another cool little storybook house that’s down at the end of the road.


And yet another somebody-else’s-house. (I’m hopefully unintimidating enough with my poofy hair and big camera that I don’t look like I’m gonna come back to rob all these people.)


The road, with cool trees.


And the BOSS cool tree, right there. <3<3


(A bit of self-promotion while I can, my pictures are still on Etsy and I take requests for whatever you want printed up. <3)



Hope you all liked the pictures and are having an awesome NaNoWriMo/November/whatever you’re doing this month. 🙂

Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone.

’til we meet again,


4 thoughts on “More Fall Photography

  1. I love autumn colors…and the blends of the houses and the leaves. (that chimney is awesome BTW). You have some great angled shots over here 🙂

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