The Red Light

Hey-lo my peoples. -wave-

Well, I’ve been pretty behind on writing lately because a crazy week happened. But I did this tiny story nugget and had fun with it, so I thought I’d drop that on you today.

I won’t say anything more so it’s not spoiled. 😛



All else was forgotten once the red light blinked on.


They all learned over time.


That even the strictest schedules could be bent. That nothing else in the world mattered but the mission that the red light signified the second it flickered to life.


“Don’t be late” was the order. The most important Chicago mob boss meeting in years and any detour definitely involved being late.


But when that light came on and when Baden News saw it . . . he knew what had to be done.


He flicked on his turn signal.




The meeting was already ten minutes underway and News’s seat was very obviously empty. The Boss he worked for kept nervously glancing at his watch.


One of the other men was in the middle of a speech when the big, wooden double doors to the room swung open.


Everyone fell silent and looked up.


Relief flickered across the Boss’s face, then he narrowed his eyes.


“I told ya ta not be late,” he growled out.


News adjusted the stack of white boxes in his arms. “Yeah, sorry. The Krispy Kreme hot-light was on. Couldn’t just drive past that.” He set the stack down on the table with a thump and popped open the top box, grinning at everyone around the long table. “Now, we can’t make decisions on empty stomachs. Who wants a hot donut?”


-pokes- well, did I get you? XD

Hope you guys have a good Monday. ❤


8 thoughts on “The Red Light

  1. This is so perfect. XD
    In our town, there’s a Krispy Kreme across from a Culver’s, so if that light’s on sometimes we’ll have a doughnut right after custard. XD

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