Titanic: Movie Review {20 years later}

I know I uuuusually do more recent movies. But it’s my parents 20th anniversary today. And they saw Titanic in theaters together twice, so we got to see it last night + go to a Titanic museum today, so this seemed appropriate for the date.

And for once… I will be including spoilers in my review.

So. Spoiler alert.

The ship sinks.

I know, right. Major plot twist. Completely took me by surprise.

Anyway. Here’s the serious review. XD

Titanic: Movie Review



James Cameron’s “Titanic” is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic; the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era — the “ship of dreams” — which ultimately carried over 1,500 people to their death in the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic in the early hours of April 15, 1912.


Good stuff:

  • Quality of filming and acting

This movie is definitely a classic for a reason, guys. It is amazingly done. Some really incredible shots, scene changes and sets. Very immersive and just . . . very cool. Acting is A+ on all fronts. The emotions . . . just the terror when the ship is going down and the tension going on. And the tragedy of it wasn’t glazed over at all. Sad, for sure. But really meaningful.


  • Pretty

A little bit playing off that first note. But guys, I love the ocean. And if we’re totally honest, this is a very pretty time period too. So I mean while the ending isn’t . . . that pretty (dead bodies and tragedy sort of ruin the effect), there are so many beautiful shots of the ocean and all the grand rooms around the ship and the dresses and everything. ❤


  • Music

Okay everyone knows about “My Heart Will Go On”. I’m not talking about that. The soundtrack for the rest of the movie was seriously gorgeous and I enjoyed that. Very grand. And very much up to James Horner’s awesome standards.


  • Characters

I went into this with a few prejudices.

Especially ones against the romantic subplot.

I was expecting the typical Beautiful Bratty Entitled Girl and the Mysterious Hot Boy and their whirlwind romance that is mainly to spite all the authority figures in their lives.

That . . . actually wasn’t what I got.

While Rose isn’t exactly the most relatable character ever, she still worked and I did feel for her.

And then Jack was like . . . the opposite of the mysterious hot boy cliché and I really loved that. He was just straightforward and honest and optimistic + had a good sense of humor. And in the end, he really just wanted the best for Rose and was very selfless and sacrificing.

All I’m saying is that I can see where the hype came from. This definitely wasn’t the worst romance.

AND then there were the other characters too. Mr. Andrews was awesome. The mother and Cal were appropriately nasty. The crew of the Titanic weren’t cookie-cutter workers. Molly Brown totally rocked. (And let’s have a moment for the awesome of Officer Lightoller as well)

Really great cast to work with here and I enjoyed.


  • Historical

I mean what with watching Timeless lately and all, I’ve been on a bit of a history kick. And it was just really cool learning more about the event and seeing the effort put into this movie was neat.


  • -personal note- actors

This is all me here. Probably not anyone else. But it’s worth noting because spotting actors made me happy.

Bill Paxton was hilarious to see after just watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1.

Victor Garber is Professor Stein in The Flash, so that was a fun moment to spot.

David Warner (Captain Sawyer in Hornblower) again proved how capable he is of playing someone you really don’t want to get in trouble with. XD

And then Ioan Gruffudd/Officer Lightoller. He was basically playing another version of Horatio with a different accent and as usual he was a total stud. This made me very happy.

(hi there you)


Bad stuff:

  • Sex

Yep. It’s . . . a thing. A nude scene + sex yaayy. We pretty much fast forwarded, thanks.


  • Language

Quite a bit of swearing happened and I was actually shocked to discover an F-bomb in a PG13 movie. This does not seem like a PG13 movies in a lot of different ways, honestly. XD


  • Death and intensity

Probably the most understandable of all the bad points, but I’m mentioning anyway. I mean . . . this was a huge tragedy and like I said before, they’re not glossing stuff over. You see frozen dead bodies. People get shot/shoot themselves. There is a freaking huge boat full of people that sinks, killing most of them.

Yeah, if you’re not a fan of that? Just don’t watch the Titanic.


Overall: It’s a classic and it is what it is, content and all. I enjoyed it more than I expected and it probably more than deserves the “classic” title.


So, that’s all for today folks! Have you ever seen the Titanic movie? Comment below!

See ya next time,


16 thoughts on “Titanic: Movie Review {20 years later}

  1. Heeyyyy I didn’t know Ioan Gruffud was in that movie! That’s cool. He looks like himself. And Capt. Sawyer. Heh. How lovely for them to be in the same movie again. XD Thought this was made before HH, right?

    Sounds interesting. I’ve never seen it, but it has a reputation ’round here as a soap opera not worth watching. XD That it does have amazing cinematography and music (which I have heard. James Horner is awesome.) and stuff, but that the teenage-ish romance is ridiculous and too much. Eh well. People read things different ways. XD I like the Titanic storyline though (so saaaad, but so much heroism and sacrifice and duty, plus the obvious message from God going there. O.o And NAUTICAL.), and I’ve seen the classic oldy A Night To Remember, which was more just for the historical figures but was awesome. Molly Brown rocked there as well.

    1. He is, yes! He plays the officer who was in charge of the only lifeboat that actually went back to pick up more people so… typical Horatio move. ❤ hehe yeah Captain Sawyer was around. XD but I think this was made a couple years before Mutiny at least. Not before the first Hornblower though.
      Yeah I guess one of the big things for me is I was expecting it to be incredibly soap opera-y and horrible but I liked the event so I was willing to watch it and endure the romance. And it just…. waasn't as bad as I thought? So it was nice. (but if I remember your family has an issue with language. and while the sex scenes are able to be skipped…. language is not. there's a lot of that.)

      1. Heh. So sweet. ❤
        Got it.

        Welp, that makes sense. It's super nice when things aren't as bad as we thought them to be. XD
        Weeelll, sort of. 😛 My problem was more language being written by Christian authors (yes yes, we went over it, it's okay we don't have to again. XD) than actual just…reading or watching language. 'Cause we watch things with language a lot (though not many just JAMMED with it, like, every 30 seconds kinda thing; and us older peeps, mostly—not yet for the littles), and we don't really try to censor it, because I mean yeah, what can ya do? So we don't really have a huge problem with it. It's bad and annoying and cringe-inducing an' all dat, but it's not a huge issue. Except, apparently, in the case of Inigo Montoya, and I dunno what's going there. XD But it's skippable. And when there are just really language-crammed scenes able to be skipped without much being lost, our parents sometimes do that. For the sake of doing what CAN be done, I guess.
        So yeah. XD We don't exactly have an issue with language that way…just…yeah. Sorry that was so long. 😛 But *poke*, you have a good memory.

        1. It was so awesome seeing Horatio rescue people on the Titanic. ❤ he's a nautical hero in all time periods.

          exactly. XD Low expectations are nice in a lot of ways.

          Ahhhhh yeah right right. -nod- I actually just had a rather in-depth conversation on OYAN about a similar topic. Christian authors using language is generally just…. an un-smart move knowing their audience and the majority of people who don't like language.
          Which is what partly puts me on the fence about BM because honestly I only use one total /actual/ swear word and imo it's used in the literal sense? (damned. literally. while wolfgang probably does use it in the non-literal sense a lot, that time it was really pretty literal. xD)
          But then eh
          He still obviously swears if we're not typing it out and that might be the hard time I'm having with finding a good publisher who can actually work with it, heh

          1. He is. ❤

            *nods* Yyyeah… the main problem I thought might be the possibility of messing up one's Christian witness by putting that stuff in; even if you don't CONDONE it, if it's in there, non-discerning people or even discerning people who just might not look at it from your light might get the wrong idea of Christians and/or see it as hypocritical. I know when I read language in a book by a Christian author (hello, C.S. Lewis? C'mon man.) it annoys me a lot more than when I read it by a secular author, just cuz Christians, well…they should be better, more careful of making stumbling blocks/possibly giving the world a wrong view? Both sides of the question have logic. Because I know, actually writing it in does give it that edge of realism that's otherwise not as potent.
            W/Wolf's literal use of the word—yeah, that was pretty literal. He def. would've been damned if he hadn't done that. XD Buuut it still sort of is swearing, and still putting the word in people's heads… Even words like crap and stuff, that aren't technically even swear words; it'll still put them in people's heads.

            But writing stuff like 'he swore' isn't a problem imo. That's not the same. Considering that wrong would be like having a problem with sin and bad things even being IN a story, which just slightly defeats the purpose. XD It's just…kinda like the difference between, just for an example (which you've probably heard before), having some murder merely occur in your story, giving the needed details, or writing out all the terrible twisted & gruesome details far more than is necessary. We need to know enough of the darkness for the light to shine its purpose and all that, but there's not a call to write out every detail of the bad. Not a perfect analogy in relation to writing the words of language, I know, buuut…yeah. XD I'll quit now. I'm sure you'll do whatcha need to.

          2. (Hey Rosey, I’m really sorry if it looks like I’m being a busybody. :/ Looking back it does sorta look that way. Maybe I am. Which thought absolutely mortifies me. I truly wasn’t meaning to be your boss or anything, so I’m letting you know. *contrite bowing and scraping* <3)

          3. Hmm? -peeks around-
            Oh dude, no problem at all. Honestly, I had to kind of take a minute to even work out what you were apologizing for. XD I love having conversations like this with people and seriously it…. takes quite a lot to actually offend me on any front. No problem at all. This comment just sorta fell in between the cracks bc I had a very tired brain and busy life and would probably just end up responding “aw yeah dude totally mmhmm”

          4. *is eternally relieved* ALL RIGHT. All right, good. XD XD XD
            And yeah, that totally makes sense. I don’t know how you even deal with the amount of comments you get and still have enough time for other stuff. XD Totally good and fine. I just wanted to make sure, because I freak out like that. XD I don’t get offended easily at all either, but I DO freak out over stuff like this a bit too easily. *fingerguns* So cool. Thanks. Dude.

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