Baker Creek Seed Festival (another year!)

Well, I was thinking it had been a while since I’d done a picture post. And looking back in my post archives, lookie here I had a draft with pictures already in it that I just hadn’t posted yet.

So yaayyy old photography from back in May. XD

Anyway, this is a place I’ve taken pictures of before (you can look back to last May and see more) but it’s really a neat place to take pics of so tadaaa we get more pictures of it.



Shelves in a little grocery store setup thing




Follow the sign for mythical sandwiches.


And it actually was a pretty good restaurant. 


Soaps in a bin.


Live music!


Little sister looking very appropriately old fashioned.


A small shed






Sooo, hope you all enjoyed getting a bit more writefury photography and a taste of Baker Creek for yourself today. 😀 Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Baker Creek Seed Festival (another year!)

  1. What great pictures! My favorites are the soap bin and the one of *TheCuteness* wearing her adorable hat. ❤❤

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