Lightporter Blog Tour! {Blaze Character Interview + Book Review}

Alrighty folks, we’ve got something quite fun for an auspicious day.
My good friend, C.B. Cook, is coming out with her second book, Lightporter!
And since I’m able to do a bit more than simply read and toast to its success, I am helping out on the blog tour of the book leading up to its release on Saturday. So today we get a nice book review and an awesome character interview to boot!
We’ll toast to the book’s success as well because we can, what the heck.
Anyway. Right into the book review, then!

Lightporter Review

(is that or is that not a spectacular cover)


Albany and her twin sister, Brooklyn, have gotten more comfortable in the superhero world. But when Blaze starts acting secretive and weird monsters attack, the girls realize there is more going on that they still don’t know about. Before long, they discover that Blaze is hiding something—or someone. With FOE still hiding in the shadows, the girls must decide who they can trust… before it’s too late.


Good stuff:

  • Really fun and cool in general

Honestly, this is just a hard book to not like. It’s fun adventures with superheroes, a lot of different settings, great characters and neat concepts all thrown together in a lil novel together. It’s a really light, awesome book to read if you want a fun story.


  • Characters

Yeah, I’m always a sucker for characters, and this book has a whole boatload of really different, awesome cast members.

The twins, our heroic leads as always. Maddie is always adorable. Anvil I like more in this book (the cookie makin’ tough dude). Buuuut as always Blaze is my favorite. He’s awesome.


  • Fast moving and twisty

Loootsa stuff happening so there’s no space for boredom. Also plenty of twists which I am not allowed to talk about. –covers mouth-

But yeah, FOE has plenty of tricks up their sleeve. O.o


  • Clean

Good people, good messages, no language or other stuffs like that. So yeah, it works for a wide range of audiences that way so it’s cool. 🙂


Bad stuff:

  • More answers

I’ve been kind of hanging hope on the theory that we’d get more backstory on our favorite characters (Blaze, Jen and Anvil, for the most part) and that we’d figure out what the heck was up with all the stolen memories from the last book. Aaaand while this was a fun adventure and we got a little bit of backstory I STILL WANT MORE. (Obviously it’s gonna happen in a future book and I’m looking forward to that but that was my main disappointment.


  • Could have gone more in-depth, writing wise

Honestly, for the genre, this isn’t as much of an actual problem and more of a personal preference. But I kind of would have liked just a leeetle more descriptions and like . . . more pushing of the characters and super hard choices that need to be made? Maybe I’m just trying to find nitpicks and have been watching Mission Impossible for too long. xD



A really awesome, fun, twisty superhero story that’s great for everyone.

More info and awesome stuff through links:
And now.
Now, my friends. 
We can interview the titular “lightporter”, Blaze.
Alrighty then Blaze. Nice to have you with me today! (You’re my favorite, as long as we’re confiding here) So how much of your life do you think you’ve considered yourself a superhero?
Hello, Rosey! I’m glad to be here, and I’m flattered! I’ve been with IDIA since almost the beginning of the agency, and I feel like that’s the time I really consider myself a superhero, but I did minor superhero-type things before that. Really, I guess I could be considered at least a local superhero since I was about seven or eight, so around ten years.
Wow, you’ve been doing this for a while, then. Teeny little superhero Blaze is wonderful to imagine. 
So in this book Jen says you call yourself a “Lightporter”, hence the title. How does that work versus a regular teleporter?
It’s a little complicated to explain. Technically a lightporter is the same as a teleporter, it just adds the word “light” to explain specifically how I teleport. I use my light manipulation, although the science behind it is a little weird. Most people would say a “light-based teleporter,” I just added my own flair to it. There are all different kinds of teleporters, like particle-based teleporters, which is what Trav is. That’s why it feels different when you teleport with different people.
Sorry, I answered way beyond your question. I get a little nerdy about these things.

Cool! And no problem, I love hearing the nerdy answers.

So, even heroes have people they look up to. Who would you say is your hero, Blaze?
I have a couple, for sure, but I’d have to say Anvil has been my hero ever since I joined IDIA. It’s a little different now that I know him, but he’s still done some pretty cool stuff. Most of which I’m not allowed to talk about…

Good choice, Anvil’s definitely a hero. (A hero with cookies too, so hey bonus.)

If you could choose one song to be your theme song, what would it be? 
Yeah, the cookies help! For a theme song, I would definitely choose something upbeat. I think a really good song that I’ve been listening to recently is joy. by for King & Country. It has a really good message, and it’s kind of become my anthem.
Awesome! I love that song, you have excellent taste.
Next question: with the presence of Lava Java in the IDIA stories, I have to know. What’s your favorite coffee order?
Anything with a lot of sugar and not a lot of coffee. I like the hot chocolate mocha with extra espresso that one of my friends makes. The one who works at Lava Java, actually.

Ah, it’s always good to have a friend that knows just what you want anyway.

What do you think is your favorite thing about being a superhero/working with the IDIA?
My favorite thing is probably being able to help people. It’s always been one of my goals to use my superpowers to help people, and being with IDIA has enabled me to do that in an even bigger way. I’ve been able to help both innocent civilians and help other superheroes find out how to use their powers.
Helping people is a pretty awesome, yep.
What’s something you like to do that not a lot of people would guess?
Well, I have a lot of hobbies, but I think the one that most people would find surprising is probably photography. I think it’s mostly because I like to travel, but I really enjoy taking pictures. My family gets really annoyed by it when I take too long finding the perfect angle.

Cool! And with how much photography has to do with light, I honestly don’t know how I didn’t think of it before. xD

Last, and most important question of all.
Brace yourself.
Can you use chopsticks?
True! I try not to use my powers when I take pictures, though. And… no, I can’t use chopsticks.

Ah, the truth has come out. XD

Well, it’s been awesome talking with you, Blaze! Thanks for the interview! 
Thanks for having me! I hope I’ll be able to come back again!
Whoo! Well that was fun. Hope you guys all enjoyed the festivities, because there’s more where that came from. Check out everyone else’s posts through the rest of the blog tour for more goodies!
(And definitely definitely go get Lightporter right now okay)

Tour Schedule

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Friday, June 15th

Lights And Shadows– Friday 5s: IDIA Edition

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Saturday, June 16th(Release day!)

Marlene Simonette– Lightporter Review and Book Spotlight

Dreams and Dragons– Character Interview

Elven PadawanLightporter Review


Hope you guys all have an awesome Monday! 😀


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