pioneers {For King & Country}

The tradition continues, folks.

For King & Country comes out with a new song, and I post it.

That’s how it goes and that’s how it’s always gonna go, so you guys’d better get used to it.

Anyway, this one’s especially cool because they’re singing with their wives and it’s in Iceland and gorgeous.

So enjoy.

And to make it even better, this one came with the announcement that a new album is coming out in October. -fangirl squealing-

Have an awesome Sunday, people!


15 thoughts on “pioneers {For King & Country}

    1. heh
      see, wordpress had a sale on upgrades? You may notice that I am now the prestigious “” and that the wordpress bit has been deleted.
      and while I was at it, I realized that over the course of five years and four hundred followers I had literally never touched my theme/design. So you actually caught me in the middle of reworking stuff a little bit. xD
      -shoos you- this is a construction area. Go away. Or give helpful suggestions from the sidelines on what you like/don’t like.

  1. Ahhh yes that makes sense. Whoo for you! I did notice the missing wordpress. Cool. Cool cool.

    *dons hardhat* Well since you’re reworking it still some stuff I might say wouldn’t apply by the time you’re done. But two things I’ve mainly noticed is that the header graphics are so large as to be a mucho painful thing on the eye, and that text is difficult to read against this backdrop by itself. Which facts I’m sure you’ve got under control. So yeah. Happy construction! *shoos*

          1. (Though I think a bit of color somewhere wouldn’t go wrong, specifically up near the top o’ the page with the blog title and manifesto (yes I’m calling it that ’cause I can’t think of a better word at the moment, ignore any Karl Marxian thoughts). Black and white’s cool, but up there near the top seems a bit plain and could mebbe benefit from some graphics (the compass maybe or something) and/or color. The former blog color was a little much for me XD but that’s not to say all background color should be done away with oookay I’m done picking holes in your stuff now I know you’re not finished and you can do it how you want O yes Precious, to be sure, bye. *lurches out*)

  2. Ehhh well… *scratches chin* It’s those trees in the left corner than really get in the way. I love the look, but even lightened I kinda hafta squint to read words that are over ’em. Sooo I dunno what’s to do about that; I think it’d be the same no matter how light they were. The typewriter font is absolutely cool. O.o Very atmospheric. I like.

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