Mission Impossible: Fallout {Movie Review}

Forget Infinity War. 

Guys, this was my movie I’ve been waiting on for years on end. And let me tell you, my favorite spy movie franchise did not disappoint. 

I’m a happy fangirl. 

Let us launch into my spoiler-free review.


Mission Impossible: Fallout {Movie Review}


Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to prevent a disaster of epic proportions. Arms dealer John Lark and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.


Good Stuff:

  • Plot

The plot in this movie is just . . . incredible, honestly. It’s amazing to get this level of story and emotion from something so jam-packed full of action but they did and it’s incredible.

Plot twists are even more present than usual and you definitely need to stay paying attention if you want to keep up. But it’s really, really well pulled off. Brace for some surprises in this one, definitely.

It wraps up a lot of threads from the other movies as well, which is a little different from the normal trend with Mission Impossible. But I really loved having the extra depth on all of it and it’s really good.


  • Theme

Not something you’d really expect to shine in an action movie. But it seriously does a great job of turning the expected cliché on its head in more ways than one.  Most “save the world” plots center around the idea of having to sacrifice looking at the individual lives and getting attached to people for the sake of saving the faceless millions at stake. But it actually plays compassion and self sacrifice and loyalty as strengths in a really beautiful way. The return of something I really like about this franchise is just the true quality of moral good that is at its core and that’s really important to me.


  • Characters

As always.

As always, I really love the IMF crew. Luther being awesome . . . the new team member/secretary in Hunley, my favorite Benji being spectacular as always, Ilsa’s return and yet more morally grey decisions involved with her. And honestly, this is really the movie I’ve liked Ethan the most in. They did a lot with his character and delving into what makes him tick and they did a reallyawesome job there. Showing him as being more human and going into his motivation and he’s a lot more identifiable here. It’s . . . again . . . awesome.

Not to mention the wonderful job done with August Walker. –spoilers redacted-

And the return, of course, of Solomon Lane. The man is still an incredible creep. And the remaining dynamics from the last movie with him and the team are great to see.


  • Cinematography

Of course, I’m no expert here, but especially a few shots near the end for me . . . this movie was just really well filmed. The timing of angles and showing certain things were just perfect. Plus . . . again, the end. We’re following like three different tense event chains and it fits together perfectly.


  • Humor

Something I’ve always appreciated about Mission Impossible makes a return.

It’s really nice because the humor isn’t anything forced or anything that takes away from the plot. It’s just in the sense of the characters interacting or in the stress of a tense situation.

I want you all to find out for yourselves, so I shall spare you from sharing all my favorite lines here, but there are some good ones.


  • Music

Something I more was able to appreciate afterwards, looking up the music on spotify. But the soundtrack is A+.


  • Awesomeness

Just . . . the whole movie in general. It was really awesome and really well done and a great story in general and I seriously enjoyed it.

Because this needed an extra point.



Bad Stuff:

  • Language

This was something that on previous movies has been in the good section because of the lack of language use. But this latest Mission Impossible installment has kind of broken that trend.

It’s not like endless chains of cursing, but it is used in notably more situations than before. (Plus the surprising dropping of an f-bomb by a villain? That was the big shocker moment for me.)

It didn’t ruin the movie, in my opinion, but probably the strongest down-side I could find.


  • Intensity

It’s an action movie and technically this could also be used as one of the points in the good section. But I’m putting it here because you should seriously be warned. If you are someone who does not do well with tenseness and adrenaline and high action . . . this is not the movie for you. This movie is incrediblytense and action packed and I was a little shaky afterwards, in spite of loving it. xD




One of the best action movies I’ve seen and a must-see for any Mission Impossible fans. Probably not as younger audience friendly as before. But still a goshdarn good movie.


So then. Go see it.

So yeah. Definitely go see and then come rant at me in the comments when you do.

Also a standing recommendation for especially Mission Impossible 4 and 5 if you haven’t seen those.

til next time,


8 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Fallout {Movie Review}

  1. Just watched the first Mission Impossible for the first time ever. So behind the times, I know. Really liked it, and it’s so great to hear that a franchise is keeping itself going strong instead of just being rehashed a million times… Verra nice to know.

  2. OK yah, Mom said 2 was just dumb. But that’s GOOD TO KNOW. It’ll prolly be awhile…we’ve only got 1 & 3… But yesss it will be fun. (Oh yeah, what about three? Mediocre but not horrible?)

    I was happy when my dad told me Luther is one of the only characters who consistently stays in the storyline throughout movies besides Ethan. *cackle* I like Luther.

    “Well if it makes you feel any better Luther… I’ll always remember you that way.”

    1. Two is increeeedibly stupid. xD
      I actually haven’t seen three because my dad wasn’t appreciating the levels of torture in the beginning and stuff? But idk, I watched some scenes on youtube so I could see when my favorite Benji made his first appearance. Other than that it doesn’t seem like I’m missing a ton? They just bring back the plot with his wife a little in 4 and 6 so it’s probably good for backstory.
      LUTHER YES. Luther does stick around and he’s great. ❤ He's not around in 4 a ton? Just a brief cameo, but he's still technically there.

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