July Wrap-up

Another month bites the dust, folks.

Wow. July over.

-shakes head-

Anyway. Here’s a quick update how things have been going for the writefury this month. 


[the writings]

Well for one I finished another novel! Say Uncle has topped out at just over 50k words and for once I’m really happy with an ending and it came together with minimal head banging against the wall. So yeah. That’s cool.

The Powers That Be is also in the process of being as quickly edited as possible. Because I am a madwoman and trying to submit two novels at once into the OYAN novel contest. So both this one and Say Uncle need to be edited before the 15th whoot. xD I’ve been busy and shall be busy.

Short stories. As always. Weird little fanfiction snippets for friends’ characters and Blank Mastermind short stories. Which are being saved for a special occasion I’ll let you all guess at. -ninjaface-


[the musics]

Actually a pretty good month for music. We got new songs from for king and country (new album coming in October!) the Lumineers came out with a few more songs + the new Mission Impossible soundtrack is great. And then a song from a friend called Los Muertos I really was liking a lot. ❤


[the stories]

Well obviously the new Mission Impossible. My review is up so you all know my feelings on that.

Been watching a little more Agents of Shield with my brothers mainly because I snagged the second season from the library. Keeping with the secret agent theme, I’m enjoying that a lot too. Despite a few crushing plot twists I’m Not Okay with. xD

Rewatching the first Hornblower with my sis when we were bored because more Hornblower is always good. 

Pureflix is a thing so I’ve seen a few more Christian movies this month. Most notably Heaven Bound, because Torry Martin is in that and I had to see it. We laughed our heads off and I would most heartily recommend. Funny good christian movies aren’t that common.

As far as books go….. well my brothers have been getting these books that are like these survival-quiz choose-your-own-adventure, so those are fun. Even if I got stung by poisonous fish and eaten by crocodiles and all that good stuff. It’s all good.

I reread Winter by Marissa Meyer because I picked it up at the library and got nostalgic. It was a good reread and I appreciated it more that time I think, because I wasn’t as freaked out and desperate. xD

Also. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. A little bit of language going on in here but MAN this book is awesome. By far the most encouraging book on writing I’ve ever read and it’s really wonderful. 

-in the process of reading Artemis Fowl and Fawkes, i’ll tell you how those go-


[the funnies]

ah yes. The funny things.

Or this first one that’s just plain horrifying.

Lots of cheesy memes yay. xD


[the life things]

  • more hot weather! Whoo boy, this month was a doozy. Lots of heat. Lots of bugs. I mostly hid from it, but early morning is nice.
  • Lots of work. Because apparently I’m a Responsible Adult now. I did a lot of job bopping around and am currently working at a college bookstore which is interesting. -nod-
  • My plant adventures continue and I am now trying to start a tiny succulent farm. We’ll see how that goes. xD
  • Writing, as always. Like the wind. Technically there was Camp NaNo so that was good motivation.


[up next]

  • More bookstore work! literally that’s my whole month there so. Wow, actual plans. This is different.
  • Entering two novels in the contest if I don’t lose my mind editing them first.
  • Hopefully entering a thing called Pitch Wars to try and get Blank Mastermind published/agented? Fingers crossed for that.


So that’s my July. How was all of yours? What’d you do with yourselves?

See you next time, everyone. You’re all awesome. ❤


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