burn the ships {for KING & COUNTRY}

So For King & Country came out with a new album today. And a new music video for my favorite song on the album.

It’s okay I guess.



Yeah no it was so beautiful I cried while watching it.

Just… my new favorite for king & country song + beautiful ocean shots + ships (tHE LADY WASHINGTON. I HAVE BEEN ON THAT SHIP.)

This video is one of my favorite things ever. Officially.

I mean… -clears throat and sits back- you guys might like it, so yeah.


And the rest of that album is out today as well and it is amazing as well. 200% would recommend checking that out because it’s amazing. (My favorites of the brand new songs are “Fight on Fighter” and “Never Give Up”)

Anyway. -music freakout over-

Have an awesome Friday, everyone. ❤


7 thoughts on “burn the ships {for KING & COUNTRY}

  1. Okay your September Wrap-Up introduced me to For King & Country through this song, and over the past few days I’ve been listening to them like CRAZY and I think I’m obsessed and it’s all your fault. 😛 SO YES THE MUSIC VIDEO WAS INCREDIBLE I LOVED IT.

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