Autumn Neighborhood part 2

The continuation of all my fall pictures. Which I’m especially appreciating now that everything has officially gone grey and cold around here. xD

Pretty road on the way up to our house.


Someone else’s house. Hopefully they didn’t catch me, they just had good trees and good lighting. xD I couldn’t resist. 




Cool house being overlapped by a cool tree. Win-win.


Bright yellow! And sunset lighting!


Marigolds. ❤


Another cool shot pointed out by my brother.


This tree has like carob pods on it but it looks almost alien and I thought it was super cool. 


All da leaves, fallen to the ground.


The story behind this one was funny. My brother and I were walking along and looking down at the leaves while we walked. Then he made a joke having to do with acorns.

Me: haha yeah. By the way, I actually saw a really nice looking acorn on the ground back there…

Him: yeah me too actually….

-we both go back to find this perfect acorn and take a picture of it-

Because apparently we both looked down and silently acknowledged that it was a good acorn, then kept walking. xD


Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the pictures and have a good rest of your evening!


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