Blank Mastermind Blog Tour Signup!

Well well well folks.

The day is finally upon us. Or at least the day to plan for the actual day. But it’s still cool. 

Here we are. I’m self publishing and Blank Mastermind goes live on December 13, if all goes according to plan. 😀 And I’d like all you awesome peoples to help get the word around!

I’ve done one blog tour myself before, and participated in quite a few, so I’d hope to think I know what I’m doing. And this time I have a Google Form, so we’re being all professional here. So sign up below if you wanna help. -points down-

So, in addition to that, a few other things.

One, at the suggestion of a friend, for further promotion stuff and an interaction fanbase… the Blank Mastermind fandom now has a Discord server! (for those of you rather uneducated in the ways of Discord, it’s basically just a sort of organized chatroom platform. And on here there’s just space to chat with me and other fans… a spot to suggest short story ideas… a spot for sharing and viewing any fanart… spots to ask characters or me any questions you want…. it’s pretty cool.)

And since we’d like to keep it exclusive and good and not full of spambots, if you’d like to join in the fun, just shoot me a note through this thingamabob below. I’ll send you the link. 🙂

And the last point here… -rubs hands together-

The preorder for the Kindle release is pending, so that should be going up on Amazon pretty soon. -celebration- 

I have some ideas for preorder goodies to go with the book itself, and I’m still working those out, so hang tight. There’s more fun stuff in the works. xD

Anyway. All the exciting news. I’m pumped, how about you guys?

See ya again soon, 


26 thoughts on “Blank Mastermind Blog Tour Signup!

  1. ROSEY YAAAAS <33 *impatiently waits for December 13th*
    also wow, four of my most eagerly awaited books are coming out within a week of each other. O.O I'll be such a broke bookworm… XP

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