Snow Day!

At long last, I finally have pictures of a really good snow to show you guys!

Enough of the news of devastation about this snowstorm hitting the country. Look how pretty it is! xD A good entrance into our new house. 

(In other words yeah I’ve been waiting for this for a while and was very happy to be buried in snow)


Pine treeee. It was pretty weighted down by the time I took pictures of it in the morning, but the night before, Mom was saying it looked like a Christmas tree with fake snow.


Teeny bro enjoying himself in the snow. ❤ (He kept throwing up bits of snow and yelling “snowball!”)


Behold. The fence. 


Kind of cool setting for the little hanging lights. ❤


Happy lil sis. ❤ She thought that…. whatever that was in the backyard needed more snow on it. 




As I was trying to get pictures of my dad and one brother throwing snowballs, I was sneak-attacked by another brother and only got warning through my camera lens to defend myself. 


This snow is very powdery and not conducive to rolling into balls for snowmen.

So behold. Snow Jabba.

(Aforephotographed little sister then proceeded to redecorate him into something more resembling a snowman.)


Snowy branches. 


I was really happy with the composition of this shot. And so many snowy branches. 


My brother is cuter than yours and you can’t change my mind. ❤ (also he’s a very talented snowman maker)


Not really the most artistic shot of the bunch. But look at the action shot of a snowball exploding on impact. o_O Don’t see that every day…


Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!

Have you gotten a lot of snow this winter? Which picture was your favorite?

Talk to me in the comments!


21 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Aaahhh snow is so fun. I’ve only ever seen snow once actually — when I was seven, we drove about an hour away to the nearest place that ever gets snow. It was nothing like how much you’ve got there, but it was a lot for me. 😛

    I really want to see it again though because all these photos are stunning!

  2. We haven’t gotten a lot of snow this year. We sometimes get a lot. It did frost and I got some nice pictures!
    Fun pics!! Looks so pretty!

  3. So pretttyyy. ❤ My favorite was all the ones with trees. xD And your siblings are SO CUTE. We've got about that much snow right now, and had the first snow-play-out yesterday. It's a lot. ;P Which state are y'all in now again?

  4. All the pictures are beautiful!!! I love snow photography!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    We just got about 4 1/2 in of snow in one day two days ago (I got two days of cancelled work so, while no money, sleeping in was nice). We've had such a mild winter thus far, I've been greatly enjoying the snow!!!!

  5. I love all the photos. They remind me of the fun we had as kids when it snowed. My favorite is your little brother with the snowman and the second favorite was the snowy tree branches. Nice action shot too 🙂

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