February Wrap-up

And so ends one of the shortest months of the year. Which actually felt long to me, interestingly enough.

My last full month being a teenager. O_o -ominous music plays as 20 incheth closer-

Anyway. Let’s see what I did with myself.


[the writings]

Well, this month has been a lot less productive on the writing front for a lot of reasons. For Long Lost, mainly I have hit the wall of “oh goodness I probably need to figure out how this is going to wind up towards the ending. whatever that ending is.”

Sooo I spent a lot of the month figuring out random backstory details and bouncing ideas off brainstorming buddies. (-cough- and procrastinating doing anything because my brain felt dead.)

BUT. I believe I have worked past this snag and sort of know what I’m doing now. I wrote a couple chapters this month. -thumbs up-

And then during my throes of procrastination I ended up writing another Blank Mastermind short story. Because I was talking with my shipper-queen friend, Delaney, and finally figured out a way to have Wolfgang and Liza get together. (Spoiler alert: we have to employ our in-story shipping master, Kaity.) So that was fun, and I wrote that one afternoon. xD


[the musics]

This month actually started off pretty dang well for music. Ben Platt came out with some stuff, Onerepublic had a really good song come out, and American Authors and The Score both came out with new albums. So that was an awesome kickstart to the month.

After that… I dunno, my listening habits on this list are a bit more of a jumble. A few recommendations I got from friends and a few old songs I just ended up listening to a lot for no particular reason. I found a couple of the songs that were used in that little youtube series, No Evil? So that accounts for a few of the weird songs in there. xD

[the stories]

Welcome to the aimless fruit salad of my tastes in fiction this month. -jazz hands-

I got Doctor Who season 4 from the library. And those are pretty great so far. Oods and Adipose and all that fun stuff. My brother has been reading this book on emotions in faces and stuff, so he grabbed the TV series it inspired from the library to give it a try and I watched a little bit with him. It’s called Lie to Me, and has some really interesting true-to-life stuff you can learn in it. But the story isn’t spectacular in my opinion. There are other crime shows I’d rather watch. xD Speaking of such, I also rewatched my favorite episode of Sherlock with my brother. I got Firefly from the library and looked a little bit at that when I was bored, and it’s fun. (Gave me a little inspiration for my own space-cowboy character) I’ve watched some of this National Geographic show called Brain Games, which is kinda cool. Also the lil youtube animation series, No Evil, came out with a new episode! My sister and I both appreciated very much. It has backstory, plus a tiny Huey. And about the best puppy-eyes in existence. 

literally no one can top those puppy eyes. you win, huey.

Rewatching Mission Impossible 4 and 5 and also some of Hornblower, on the movie front of things. (Plus Inside Out with siblings.) And the Lego Movie 2 at the beginning of the month. All awesome things. ❤

Aaand book-wise. I haven’t been nearly as voracious as last month. But I still did manage to read some stuff. xD

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. I really loved the style of this a lot, and the writing was really cool. Also neat that it’s bringing attention to a very often ignored historical tragedy. But like… yeesh. Not a light read at all.

I beta-read my friend Cassie’s grim reaper book. And I cried more than once. It’s amazing and I’m gonna market the heck out of it on here when it actually gets out to shine its light to the world.

Gordon Korman came out with a new book! It’s called The Unteachables and I fell in love the instant I saw the cover. It was a little less funny than I expected, coming from Gordon Korman so that was slightly disappointing? But it was a really good story and I loved all the characters and the ending was awesome. I can’t really complain. xD

And while I have other books I want to read for the first time, I caved and started rereading the Lunar Chronicles. Whoops. It’s still awesome though.

On the family read aloud front of things this month, my mom has been reading “No Compromise”, Keith Green’s biography. So that is a fascinating and inspiring story. I’m also stunned at how much he had done by my age, and not necessarily stunned in a good way. xD Gotta love the ’60s, right?


[the cookings]

I went savory this month, folks. -shocked gasp from everyone-

I made a meat pie with parsnips and carrots for one shabbat and it turned out really well. My first time making hot water crust too, which was interesting. However I neglected to take pictures of this, sadly. Believe me that it tasted better than it looked, though. xD

Aaaand I made potato pierogis! I’m gonna have to save this recipe because I’m really happy with how these turned out. ❤


And they tasted good too. -thumbs up-


[the funnies]









[the life things]

Well the first half of the month was pretty sweet. I met up with an OYAN friend at a coffeeshop. We went to a storm spotters class (at the same place the OYAN summer workshop is at so that was super weird). And there was a pretty cool international store we went to for some Asian food stuff. That was crazy and cool, the stuff they had there. o.o

Also it was super icy. I got to sled in icy gutters and punch through the ice on a car window. 

Aaaand then, plot twist reveal on why I was so unproductive this month. Why did I not get a job, you might ask? Why did I barely write anything and end up pitifully rewatching and rereading so many things?

The answer: I finally caught the bug that’s been ricocheting around the family, and it really liked me apparently. Because it stuck around for weeks on end and turned into pneumonia. So you have all your typical cold symptoms, plus existing stomach problems, plus rattly lungs. And I also managed to crack a rib from coughing so hard. 

Thankfully, after spending the better half of the month fighting this stuff, I am coming out triumphant. -flexes muscles- Thanks to lots of tea, essential oils, and Mom making me stop trying to do stuff when I should be sleeping. (Thanks Mom 😛 )

May pneumonia never return.


[up next]


Hopefully writing a lot more. Probably trying again on the whole getting-a-job front of things. Also on getting a writing desk. And birthday presents for friends. 

Also my birthday. Wheeee. xD

March should be interesting.


How about you? How did your February go? Hopefully you all fared better than I did through flu season. 😉

Talk to me in the comments!

’til next time,


16 thoughts on “February Wrap-up

  1. Love these ❤ and yes, I read Keith Green's biography a while back and it's wild, man.

    also those potato pierogis are adorable and look delicious! You should be proud.

    sorry about the bug, that sucks D: glad you're feeling better!

    1. Yeah, it’s a crazy story. o.O Really inspiring tho.
      -happy dance- I love them so much. They were so much fun to make too. xD
      Thanks. ❤ Yep, hooooping to be completely around the corner soon.

  2. Heeeyy we’ve been sick all month too, so yay! A cracked rib, tho. Wowy. O.o

    And this month we watched the 3rd Mission Impossible. 😀

    1. -weak sick highfive- xD yayyy
      hey, writing experience at least. cracked ribs suck. everyone write that down. xD (I feel like this is almost partial revenge from Wolfgang after I cracked his ribs in the powers that be. -side eyes him-)
      !!! Sweeeeet
      okay wait until you get to 4, 5 and 6 though. -swoons from love-

  3. I haven’t even finished reading this post yet because I’m sO HAPPY ABOUT WOLFGANG AND LIZAAAA. I know it’s just a short story and probably not canon, but ugh that makes me so happyyyyyyy 😀

    okay, Imma finish reading this sure-to-be-awesome post. I’ll be back 😉

    1. Eyyy the ship has sailed. xD
      Actually I have nothing better to do and I’ve been trying to make it happen for so long so… I mean until further notice it probably is canon. xD

  4. oh those pierogis look so good! my mom made some cheese ones recently and my family devours them so quickly.

    I’m so sorry to hear about the pneumonia, but I’m glad you’re on the up-and-up.

    I always love reading about your months. I hope March is a good one for you!

    1. Ahhh they’re such an A+ food. ❤
      -thumbs up- Thank ye. 🙂 The ol' rib's still giving me guff, but I'll hopefully be up and about again soon here.
      Thanks! And same to you. -salute-

  5. I mean I got sick too and was laid up in bed for a week which was fine. But other than that we were mostly cleaning house and doing housekeeping stuff and getting a new refrigerator because the old one expired. Day after tomorrow I start classes at my local community college. (Sorry this entire comment is so disorganized. I’m ashamed of myself.)

      1. It sounds more productive than it feels? I mean I know I’ve accomplished things but at the end of the day there’s usually that feeling of “oh goodness I didn’t get anything done today!” even when I’ve finished half of my to-do list. Being a perfectionist can be bad for sanity.

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