Liebster Award x2

Today seems like a good day for a couple of Liebsters. 

It’s been a while since I’ve had a long, gif-filled post of answering random questions. 


Here we are. 

I have been nominated, not once, but twice by my lovely followers. ❤ 

So we have a lot of questions here, plus the rules to go over and people to nominate… all that. 

Let’s get into it!



  1. Acknowledge the blogger(s) who nominated you for this award. (Thank you Evelyn and Kinsey! You guys are awesome <3)
  2. Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them
  5. Give them 11 questions to answer


Evelyn’s Questions:

  • What is the one book that you would feel the least guilty about burning into ashes?

Dead End, of the Red Rock Mysteries. That was a disgraceful end to an otherwise wonderful series and I hate it very much. 


  • What is an occupation that you would despise having? One you would love?

Well, I can’t say I’d really love being a garbage man/woman. xD And I’d really love to be a park ranger. 


  • How many books are on your bookshelf? (Yes, I just asked you. Muahaha. ;))

Mwahaha I actually don’t keep a ton of books in my room. 

Tallied up all my books, along with all my empty notebooks + sketchbook that is on my shelf, I have 56.

… okay so that is kind of a lot but it wasn’t super hard to count them. 


  • Where in the world would your dream home be?

Ketchikan, Alaska.

I’ve had this one in mind for a while. 😛

I mean seriously, just look at it.



  • What was the most interesting thing you learned today?


Well it’s the morning of a pretty un-busy Sunday and I’m still in my pajamas, so let’s see.

I’d say it’s probably that people can actually make frosting on cakes look like crocheted yarn. It’s pretty rad.

via cakewrecks
  • What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written and why?

Probably the one making fun of the first books I wrote and illustrated when I was little. That was so much fun to write. (you can find that HERE)

Also I do owe a lot to the first post that started off all the Blank Mastermind madness. xD


  • What genre do you see yourself never writing in and why?

Paranormal romance. 

Because it kind of combines two of my least favorite genres to think about writing in: romance and horror.


  • What is one subject you wouldn’t mind teaching at a school?

I have a feeling an art class would actually be kind of fun. I mean, creative writing too, I guess. But I’d mostly rather kids did that on their own if they really want to.


  • How would you feel if you were randomly willed an upside down house from an great aunt you didn’t know you had?


  • What fictional character do you feel like meeting right now?

I could really overthink this because there are a ton of characters I would love to meet.

So, I’ll just go with the first one that popped into my mind: Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles. 

He’d be fun.

Maybe I’d get a ride on the Rampion.

(Though if I can do my own characters: Wolfgang)


  • What do you want to ultimately be remembered for?

Oof, that’s a heavy one after all these other ones. 

On the most basic level I want to be remembered as a good, kind person who did the right things and helped people. It’d be pretty cool if I’m remembered for writing some life-changing stories as well. 


aaand that brings us to…

Kinsey’s Questions:

  • What is something your family does that you’re pretty sure other families don’t do?

Pfft, just one?

Ho boy.

Probably the most distinctive thing that I know no one else does is randomly celebrate every time the clock changes to 10:40, AM or PM.

It’s a time called “Ohoi”, because that’s what it looks like it says when you’re looking at a digital clock upside down.



  • What is your favorite animal? (can be real or imaginary)


Definitely dogs


  • What has been your most pump-up song in 2019?

I’m… feeling old because I don’t know what that means. 

I’m going to deduce it’s just a song I’ve been excited about/played a lot and go from that. 

And it’s probably Grow as We Go by Ben Platt.

Close second goes to a bunch of Lord Huron songs.


  • Coffee or tea? (additionally, what do you put in them, if anything?)

Personally, I prefer coffee, even though the caffeine has a bad habit of giving me stomachaches.

Yet I persist.

Anyway, for my favorite, I like making iced coffee and putting cream and maple syrup in it. ❤


  • Favorite quote/saying that you say often?

There’s a cycle of random movie and book quotes I use on a regular basis.

But as far as a saying that I say a lot, it’s probably “great minds think alike.”

Mostly to cleverly duck out of situations where I thought to do something at the same time someone else did.


  • What do you do to destress?

Pretend the stress doesn’t exist and keep doing everything I normally would.

It’s a remarkable solution.


  • Are you organized? 

To a degree. xD

I go through and reorganize things on a fairly regular basis, but I dunno. I have some clutter that builds up and I have to remind myself that just because I know where everything is doesn’t mean that it’s clean/looks nice.


  • What is your favorite other language to listen to/find words in? 

I look up words in Hebrew a lot just for Bible things.

As far as listening to, Icelandic is super cool.


  • What’s your current favorite TV show?

Well my family just started watching Leverage and that’s pretty awesome, so let’s go with that for my current favorite.


  • Favorite outdoor activity?

Either hiking or sledding. 

Sledding is more of a rare privilege, but I’ll hike any time.


  • Favorite indoor activity?

Probably… writing? I mean that’s an indoor activity.


And now,

eleven random facts about me

(you’d think I’d have done the Liebster enough by now to remember this part but nope I completely spaced on it.)


  1. I collect four things, officially. Postcards, coins, feathers and seaglass.
  2. I’ve been to both oceans and prefer the Pacific.
  3. I used to have a typewriter and made little family newspapers.
  4. I consider myself a paracord craftswoman. But I am currently out of paracord. -tragic-
  5. As of very recently, I own both a pocketwatch and an old fashioned spyglass. 
  6. I retired the OYAN forum with the exact content count of 6,666 posts since joining in 2012. Yes, it was on purpose. And no, I didn’t notice until a few helpful newbies pointed out that if I posted fifteen more helpful posts I could retire with a very six-y number. 
  7. I once won a giveaway for a book because I was the only person who entered. Booyah.
  8. I can do a pretty decent Scottish accent and an even more decent British one. Blame the BBC shows.
  9. Speaking of BBC shows, I’ve cosplayed both the Ninth Doctor and River Song. 
  10. I have a weird typo habit of saying people tucked their hair behind their eyes.
  11. I can roller skate. 


That’s all you guys are getting about me for today. xD

Now for the nominations!

  1. SprinkleSquink (my sister automatically gets nominated for everything)
  2. Elijah K (as does my adopted son)
  3. A Tangled Yarn
  4. Two Roads Diverged In Yellow Wood
  5. Merie Shen
  6. Julia Witmer
  7. Books by SR
  8. The Folded World
  9. Laurel
  10. Alyssa
  11. Victoria

As well as just anyone who thinks this would be fun and wants to snag it. 😉

So, now for my questions.

  1. Which fictional characters do you think you’re most similar to?
  2. Tell me about a very vague story idea you have
  3. A movie that really surprised you with how good it was?
  4. A popular thing you hate?
  5. A popular thing you like?
  6. Last song you played on repeat?
  7. Three good things about your week so far?
  8. First fictional couple that comes to mind, GO.
  9. A weird animal you’d like as a pet?
  10. Sum yourself up in one gif.
  11. Tell me a story of one time you had ninja reflexes.



Hope you guys enjoyed the fun randomness for today!

Have a great Sunday. ❤


26 thoughts on “Liebster Award x2

  1. I love this! I’m also a huge fan of Lord Huron (and I’ve been getting into their newest album lately like wow 😮)

    Have you listened to Moses Hightower? It’s Icelandic jazz and it’s amazing oh my gosh.

  2. Great post! I loved reading your answers.

    (Also, is that a Supernatural GIF I see? 😉 If you’ve seen the show, is it any good? I’m debating whether or not I should watch it.)

    1. Thank you! 😀
      (yess it is a supernatural gif. xD I kind of stalk the show from afar? I’ve watched a couple scenes/episodes, but have avoided actually watching a lot of it because of the weird theological aspects. They have a very weird presentation of God/Angels/etc.
      but Dean and Sam are amazing.)

      1. OH MY WORD THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING. XD the only reason I even want to watch is because Sam and Dean are awesome. If only the show didn’t follow that *cough* particular plotline….

    1. That would be a pretty painful place to tuck your hair tbh. xD
      Ohoi is life. We celebrate all ohois. xD
      Isn’t it so cute? It has all my favorite things. Cold weather, cute buildings, ocean, pine trees, and mountains. ❤

  3. Oh my gosh, you’ve read the Red Rock Mysteries series too?! I thought I was the only one who had ever even heard of them (I’ve never met anyone else who’s read them…) It was my favourite thing ever when I was a kid! XD I haven’t read them in ages, but I don’t remember loving Dead End much either… xP

  4. OH LEVERAGE YES. It’s super cool awesome. Also thank you for the nomination! I’ll try to get to it at some point in the foreseeable future. Also your stress coping sounds very much like mine, except that mine tends to involve sitting down with my dad/mom/little sister and just not talking to them but doing something else and being with them. There’s something about that that warms me to my bones. It also destresses me faster than almost anything else I’ve ever found.

      1. Which is your favorite character? I actually think mine is Eliot. He’s fantastic.
        Yeah, it really does. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for another stress release solution than the primary (and may I say fantastic) one you have used in past. 😉

        1. We just finished season 1 and started season 2 and this show is possibly my new favorite thing ever.
          Oohhhhh dude that’s getting harder to say. xD
          Right off the bat? I really liked Hardison. And then Eliot quickly moved up the ranks to tie with him once I got a little more idea of what he was like.
          And actually I started out actively disliking Nate but as the story progresses he’s actually…. getting up there and competing in the three way tie for favorite characters. xD He’s just so three dimensional and well written? It’s rare when the central character ends up having the most intriguing arc and I’m impressed.

          1. The thing is that Nate’s just so well-written. It would be easier to dislike him if he weren’t so understandable and if everything he does didn’t make so much sense. Nate’s not my favorite character, but he is really compelling.

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