April Wrap-up 2019

Well, it’s actually been a year since I started doing these things, so I gotta start adding the year to the title now. xD

Whoo. April done already, huh? Let’s see how that went. 


[the writings]

Not necessarily as much as I wanted to get done got done, mostly because Passover snuck up on me. Sorry, Camp Nanowrimo. 

But I did get a few chapters done in the first half of the month. I spent the rest mainly just stewing to figure out the ol’ climax and consult/brainstorm about what my theme is. 

Hopefully I’ll have this thing done by June. -thumbs up-


[the musics]

No huge discoveries this month on the front of music. Pretty much just the Leverage soundtrack + a bunch of random songs honestly. xD


[the stories]

I read a cool book by Jessica Brody and Joan Rendell called “Sky Without Stars”. Sort of like an outer space/steampunk-ish Les Mis retelling? First book in a series. It took a little to get me into it but I really enjoyed it. ❤ A very cool world, and the characters and parallels are neat to spot. 

Still working my way through reading Time Echoes by Bryan Davis. (Timey wimey stuff, yayyy) And also still trying to wrap my head around certain stuff. xD It’ll probably make more sense as I get further in.

I did a reread of one of my favorite nonfiction books, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. ❤ Still awesome and encouraging. 

For readaloud things, my mom is reading The Prince and the Pauper, which I’ve read before, but it’s still fun to hear. All the fancy old English and classic Mark Twain descriptions. 

Aaand on to the TV shows! My brother and I did get through the rest of Agents of SHIELD season 5. That….. that season was really all over the place and I’m not sure what all to think. The writing is still great. But these plots just keep getting more out-there, man. (Also that ending was uncalled for. -nurses hurt feelings-)

Biggest hit of the month in the stories section: LEVERAGE. 
New favorite TV show, folks. My family got through two seasons all together within April and they were amazing. ❤ Some really good characters, awesome plots…. it just hits all my right buttons and I love it. (I did a complete review on season 1 HERE if you want to check it out more in detail.)

The movies, up next. War Games. Nice little slice of the ’80s. And seeing an actor who, for me, is baby Inspector Gadget. xD The antagonistic force of the computer program in this was really cool, I liked it. 

Prince of Egypt, our classic rewatch for the Passover season. I appreciate the storytelling in this movie so much more as I get older, as opposed to being young and small and getting hung up on how weird everyone’s noses look. 

And last but certainly not least. Seen within the last few hours of April, was Avengers: Endgame.

Wow. Just…. wow. No spoilers, but that was an extremely well done movie. 


[the cookings]

I was the head chef this year on our Passover classic, carrot souffle. Which is actually really good, though I know it sounds weird. 

And my main culinary adventure for this month was fortune cookies! Super fun to make, even if I burned the heck out of my fingertips while shaping them. xD My sister made the fortunes, which were appropriately weird. (“Twinkies and chow chows will feature prominently in your future” anyone?)


[the funnies]






[the life things]

Spring is in full swing! Finally! We got so many good blossoms and flowers and lovely smells and sights this month. ❤ Spring in Missouri is so cool. Also there was a little blossoming tree out front where a robin made a nest and laid two perfect little blue eggs. SO PRETTY. 

There was a cool homeschool conference we went to near the beginning of the month. I got a new book, a free fidget spinner, and ended up picking up more free candy from booths than I really wanted, as well as going to a cool class on nature journaling. Also just kinda hung around the OYAN booth a lot and talked to Mr. S some which was fun. 

We had friends over and got to hang out and catch up and play a lot of Bananagrams. (Also watch Amazing Grace again)

Passover happened! We ate many matzahs. We went on some fun hikes. We had a game night with friends. We explored the zoo and saw some wonderful monkeys. We found a fun park and a river. I fell in the river by accident. It was fun times. 

Thunderstorms! More just in the tail end of the month here, but still. Many very loud storms. 


[up next]

Mothers’ day! And a few family birthdays from my mom’s side. So, many cards to be made. 😀

My grandparents are stopping by for a visit and I am very excited for that. -happy bouncing-

And HOPEFULLY finishing the last few chapters of Long Lost. I’m gonna have this thing done by June. I will work out the ending, despite the horrible relationship I have with story endings. xD


So that was my April, how was yours? Tell me in the comments!


21 thoughts on “April Wrap-up 2019

  1. Always love reading these wrap-ups! 🙂 I have had carrot souffle… once before, I think? It was pretty good if I’m remembering correctly.


    1. Sweeeeet! you’ll have to tell me what you think!
      It gets a little weird at times? But I think it’s pretty dang easy to reapply her vague spiritualism to the more specific christian worldview.

  2. I like that first funny! This second too!
    Sky Without Stars sounds like a cool book!
    We do Passover too. But never have tried a carrot souffle.

  3. Hello Writefury,

    I just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago, and I have enjoyed reading your posts. The books you mentioned sound interesting. I am always looking for more books to read. Endgame was so good, probably one of the best marvel movies. 🙂 So many good things happened.

  4. Hello Writefury,
    I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed reading your posts. Especially your Hornblower one. I read several of the books and watched the show. Totally agree!! Endgame was such an amazing movie. Probably one of the best Marvel movies. 🙂
    The books you mentioned sound like interesting reads.

  5. I love the Time Echoes trilogy! Well, the original trilogy (Echoes from the Edge). I REALLY need to read them again! I own all (six) of them, so I have no excuse! lol.

    Absolutely adore the funnies. Always my fave part 😂

  6. That lobster poem. XD Sounds like a good April! Thunderstorms are always good. I mean, usually. 😛
    I WENT TO EUROPE! Well actually that was for the first half of May, and now I’m trying to somehow catch up on everything. ;P

  7. Oh my word that would be epic. XD
    IT WAS AWESOME VERY AWESOME. Man, awesome in the literal sense of the word. Our main objectives for the trip were historical stuff and scenery, so we visited bunches and bunches of castles and some abbeys, and saw tonnnns of jaw-dropping soul-inspiring scenery. It was amazing. Scotland was my favorite—most majestic and just… high, grave, rugged beauty, with a culture to match. England was my favorite from a historical point of view; all the historically significant places we visited and just… being in the same place as where all that stuff happened? It was crazy to think about. We visited the 1066 battlefield. And Windsor Castle (not to mention all the others). And Westminster Abbey, which was undoubtedly my favorite historical place, mostly cuz of all the notable people buried there. Famous kings and queens, which was insanely cool, and then the Poet’s Corner, where we saw C.S. LEWIS’ GRAVE. AND DICKENS’. And Kipling. And Tennyson. And others. It was great. And the composer Handel. ❤ ❤ ❤ Me likey. Mind-blowing to say the least. And Ireland and Wales were just plain adorable.
    I'll hafta send you some pictures (of which we have many thousands and I don't know how we're gonna deal with 'em all. You would've been giving your camera the workout of its lifetime over there.) once everything's sorted out and stuff.

  8. YES *vigorous nodding*

    (also, fact check: I found out it was not in fact C.S. Lewis’ grave, just a memorial. 😦 So yeah. For the sake of not misinforming you. XD Was Dickens’ real grave tho.)

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