Bethany Falls Rocks

Double meaning, because I have a lot of pictures of rocks…. and this place rocks. xD

These pictures are a little old, since they’re from way back in mid-March on my birthday. But they’re still good pictures and I wanted to share, so -jazzhands-

Hope you guys enjoy ❤

Lil sis in the rocks. ❤


The tiltiness of some of those rocks just lends to this otherworldly feel and it’s super cool. 


Big Rock TM


Little bro looking very heroic. ❤


That root sort of looks like a grumpy little dragon. xD


It looks so storybook-ish I love it. 😀


The cutest little dude to ever wear a fedora. ❤


So much moss.


Path through a nearby field. No rocks here, but it’s still cool. xD


ALL the rocks.


Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Which was your favorite?

Talk to me in the comments!


13 thoughts on “Bethany Falls Rocks

  1. The perspective in some of these is absolutely great! I’ll have to remember these as a reference for when I’m doing a project with perspective in art. Great lumpy rocks are surprisingly hard to draw realistically, though. Beautiful!

  2. So coooool. My favorite’s the fedora-wearing dude. Reminds me of one of my lil’ brothers. 😉 But those rocks are awesome. And that root does look like a grumpy little dragon. XD

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