Time Traveling Field Notes: Long Lost/Blank Mastermind

In other words, I have little more than a page on my next chapter of Long Lost and we have bonus feature material here to stall. 

Yaaayyy! xD

So, I’ve said before (I think at least) that all my books are set within the same universe. Well, here’s the bit that shows how Demetrius from Long Lost has, in fact, met our Blank Mastermind cast. 

Back when he was… you know… sane. 

Anyway, enjoy!

Historians’ Society: Official Mission Field Notes


Time period of study:September, 2020. (Follow-up trips planned for later dates.)


Geographical location(s): Central Utah, USA.


Subject(s) of study: The history of Wolf and Amazing Man (Bad News and the Green Knight included. Further study in progress.)


Duration of stay:1 week.


Member giving report: Demetrius Morrow


Notes on findings:


Amazing Man

Fairly easy to find and willing to talk. Not all the dashing hero that the stories have made him out to be at all. He does not wear his supersuit at all times and in fact finds it very uncomfortable. He prefers to dress much more conservatively when given a choice. He does, in fact, have another name, and is not very fond of the title “Amazing Man”. His name is Charles Fernsby.

He sees the Wolf as less of a personal adversary and more as a monster created through his own mistakes.

He is a very tired man. A sad man.

Does not see himself as a hero (though it is clearly true, just not in the way many people see it), simply as a puppet of a public figure. However, he feels a sense of duty to help where he can and thus still wears the cape.


The Green Knight

Much more reclusive than accounts make him out to be. Rather hard to talk to as interaction with people seems to make him nervous and he usually avoids it, but carries on conversation very formally and politely.

Does wear green. Is proficient with the sword and with his superpowers, but prefers not to advertise this fact.

Looks absolutely nothing like any of the artistic depictions. Stature is much smaller than expected. I initially thought I had found the Green Knight’s son, which was difficult to explain once I realized my mistake.

However, reports of heroism have not been exaggerated. Though he is still young, he has an unshakable moral compass and a deep-rooted desire to help humanity in any way possible.

His real name is Dallas Knight. He is certainly one of the most moral and admirable men I’ve had the honor of meeting.


Bad News

Very surprisingly friendly. I found him by waiting around in the frozen foods aisle in a disreputable small-town grocery store near the rumored location of the infamous “Den”. He came to find ice cream, as expected.

His actual name is Bad News. Baden News, to be precise. And his height is as reported. Both of these facts very much surprised me, since these were the rumors I most expected to be able to dismiss.

As before mentioned, he was unexpectedly amiable. Very willing to talk once I made it clear that I meant him and the rest of the Pack no harm and he made it clear that he was more than capable of snapping my neck if I was lying.

He seems almost like a caretaker/father figure of sorts to the group. He sees all of the members, especially the Wolf, as his responsibility. Doesn’t see violence as a first response on most occasions and isn’t fond of using it, but won’t hesitate to use it when necessary.

A little hard to understand during our conversation. His accent isn’t the same as Fernsby or Knight, and he uses many figures of speech I’ve never heard before and wasn’t familiar with being specific to this time.

I’m eager to return and provide corrections to our accounts on this man especially. His personality makes much more sense now and I see that the accounts we had of vastly differing facts weren’t actually contradicting themselves. Bad News is simply a contradictory person. He’s simply delightful to be around and I wish I could have had more time to spend with him.


The Wolf

Definitely the hardest of the listed subjects to talk to. I only got to meet with him through the pretense of being a reporter willing to present his side of the story to the media. And even then, he was quite hostile.

The few stray accounts I found telling his name to be “Wolfgang Dankworth” turned out to be correct.

The Wolf’s stick-up hair and the iconic jacket were indeed in place. He looked younger and certainly less healthy than I anticipated. For all the damage that he did, I expected someone in better physical condition. He clearly has a drinking problem, is sleep deprived, undernourished, and his hands were shaking nearly the whole time we talked. He also swears excessively.

He fights and kills because he doesn’t know what else to do. Every other emotion is hidden under anger. The invulnerable rage-monster the Wolf, pre-redemption, was made out to be has been exaggerated. This man is barely holding himself together.

I was glad that Mr. News decided to stay close, because I made the mistake of asking details about the Dankworth family and Wolfgang very nearly shot me.

This has been a very enlightening trip and I look forward to further studies on this man when I come back later on in his timeline. The fabled memory loss that changed him fascinates me and I can’t wait to learn more now that I see what he was. However, he seems rather set on this idea of my writing an article for him and I may have to take further efforts to disguise myself on future trips.


Prospective return date: Sometime in 2024? Perhaps mid-2023 if I am very careful. Just in case the reports of the Wolf gaining the ability to breathe fire are indeed true.


So yes. I actually had a lot of fun writing that and there will probably be more when I have writing freedom. xD

Next week I’ll hopefully have an actual chapter for you. But in the meantime… any other time travel adventures/short stories you think would be cool to tie in?

Talk to me in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Time Traveling Field Notes: Long Lost/Blank Mastermind

  1. this is GLORIOUS.
    I’m hoping to get time to binge-read Long Lost over the summer, because it sounds AMAZING??? And I’ll hopefully have more time when school’s done.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AMAZING. Man, I loved it. Awesome seeing it all from the outside and historical-ish perspective, and Demetrius’ voice. He’s so… sane. *sniffle*

    Also—the Green Knight. O.o Beautiful.
    Oh, and also. POOR WOLFGANG.
    And Charles. Dear man. >_< That was amazing of Demetrius to see him as he really is. Sane D seems quite a perceptive judge of people. Also seems like he and News would get along wonderfully. Once all neck-snapping possibilities were dismissed. 😛

    1. YEESSS I really really loved writing it. ❤ Just how legend over time has warped the image of all of them, it was so fun. xD
      Demetrius was so much more sane back then. ;-; He actually was incredibly smart and sane.
      I couldn't resist. xD Green Knight was too perfect of a name for Dallas.
      Wolfgang is very very sad at this point. ;-; Also he's definitely going to be ticked at Demetrius for not being who he said he is and is gonna try and find him again. xD

  3. It’s only been over a year, I think…I missed so much…

    I made a mistake. I thought reading about Wolfgang would get him out of my head for at least the next six hours, BUT I WAS WRONG, DANG IT, I WILL NEVER FOCUS, NOW… *flops and hides under blanket*

    He needs a hug…like a bazillion of them…Tell News to give him hugs…

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