Nelson-Atkins Art Museum

That moment of remembering you have a blog you haven’t posted on basically all month.

I mean I’ve been quite busy. I have excuses. But I never meant for the blog to suffer, and sadly, with the lack of an active serial story, it has.

Time to pull out some pictures I’m proud of but never actually posted!


So, these pictures are actually from back in April when we went to Kansas City’s Nelson Atkins Art Museum for the first time. It’s quite a photogenic place. (Also close by, so I’m probably gonna have more pictures of it at some point.)


Inside. I kinda like the doorway framing on this one. 


That moment when you realize your picture looks about ten times better in black and white. 


Some sort of deconstructed outfit sculpture thing. And my brother trying on the coat. xD


This giant gold door that greeted us as we came inside. O_o


One of my favorite things here, honestly. I love this silvery tree. ❤


Can you tell that spring hadn’t yet sprung at this point?


Actually, I really love how this one turned out. ❤

Down on the right you see the glass maze. An excellent place to bump your head and/or get a bloody nose. 


Little brother, helpfully looking contemplative while I take my picture. 


Water lilies! (I don’t know this old lady, but she was very photogenically observing the picture so I mean…)


And my sister! The actual art enthusiast who probably got rushed through the museum too fast, sadly.


Hope you guys enjoyed! I’ll be rustling up some more content for you guys soon here, so hopefully July won’t be as dead of a blog month as this was. xD

Have a great weekend, you guys! Tell me below what picture was your favorite, and some of your favorite paintings. 😀


12 thoughts on “Nelson-Atkins Art Museum

  1. Did Squink dye her hair? Looks like she’s got some pink in it. Also, I love the photos, and I’ve totally had the moment of “oh yeah i have a blog…how’s that been going for me? i don’t actually know.” So I don’t blame you for that. I hope you’ve had a good June thus far?

    1. It’s a really nice one! I mean there are a few weird exhibits. Addy and I went by ourselves on Sunday and I sort of wandered around and got creeped out by a dark room full of old chinese idols at one point so that was fun. xD

  2. So the main reason I’m commenting here is that I also live in the area! Kansas City is amazing, amiright? #localsunite We’re about 45 minutes away from the museum, but I’ve only gone once! I’d love to go again!

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