Say Uncle Drabble + Collages

Time for some Say Uncle, folks!

In case any of you don’t remember that story I was posting back in the fall/winter last year, it’s hanging around here and you can find it here: Say Uncle

But the basic idea of it being a teenage uncle named Micah having to babysit his nieces and nephews through a family crisis. His best friend Fnu gets involved too for a bit.


I made some collages and was working on word-sprints for camp nanowrimo this past week. So I have some book goodies. 😀

Collages first!

One sort of for the whole story:


I mean I really like doing the complicated ones, but the 4 picture ones can be more fun sometimes so I did those for the characters.

So ze characters next:















And a random drabble thingy, based on a conversation a friend and I had + a small tie in to Odd Team Out. xD



I had my ringer set pretty low, but any volume of Back In Black was gonna sound deafening at two in the morning.


I jolted awake, my heartbeat pounding and adrenaline I didn’t know what to do with pumping panic into my brain.


What the…?


I shoved my blankets away and grabbed my phone off the nightstand. My vision was too blurry to make out the caller ID and I was just trying to make the noise stop as quickly as I could, so I just answered it.


“Hello?” My voice sounded like a toad croak. I coughed a little, blinking hard as I sat up.


There was heavy, choked breathing on the end of the line for a few seconds. Then a voice. “Micah, I… I lost the…” Something unintelligible followed.


I squinted into the dark, trying to mentally place the voice. “Um…” I pushed my hair back out of my eyes and swallowed, hoping to get my voice sounding a little closer to normal again. “Okay, who is th-…” my brain started to work enough to give me the answer before I even finished the question.


I let out a long sigh and dropped my head back. “Fnu…?”


There was a broken sounding, sad noise from the other end before any more words. “I lost the baby, Micah,” his voice cracked.


I’d never been so instantly awake at two in the morning.


“You lost the what?”I shot to my feet, gripping the phone tighter.


“My baby, dude,” Fnu repeated forlornly. “They took it away and…”


“Who took it? What baby? How? When?” Each one of my questions got louder. What sort of idiot had given Fnu a baby? And why? I started mentally weighing if I could just figure out where he was and drive to find him.


He’d called for a lot of weird reasons in the middle of the night, but honestly I had to say I preferred bigfoot sightings to missing babies.


Fnu’s voice came back louder. “The government goons, man!I knew they were on to me from the start, dude. But they just… they said I couldn’t…”


I didn’t know why I’d even asked. If it was something negative where Fnu was involved, the government was always getting blamed. This could be anyone.


I was already walking over to grab my coat and sneakers. “Where are you now? The kid…  are they… okay? At least last time you saw them?” I cursed under my breath.


There was silence on Fnu’s end for a few seconds. “N-no, man. It’s… it’s not a kid. It’s my baby.”


“Yeah, you said that. That’s not better.”


“No, it’s way worse. This is my baby!” His voice cracked again. “Remember that… that radical, glowy space rock I told you I found in that meteor shower?”


I froze with one arm into my jacket, going silent for a second. “…Yes.”


Thatbaby! That was gonna be my contact with the big wide world out there in space, dude. And now it’s gone!My baby is…” he broke down again.


All my panic from a few seconds earlier slowly melted down into a weird mixture of relief and annoyance. “And you… you called me in the middle of the night about this.”


A theatrical sniff came from the other end of the line.


I closed my eyes for a few seconds and let out my breath. Honestly, why was I even surprised? I’d been his friend for years. I should have seen something like this coming from the second my phone started ringing.


“You gotta come help me, dude. Help me get it back.” Fnu’s voice was desperate.


“How about… we talk in the morning?” my tone stayed flat and I let out another breath. “Sucks about your rock though, man. I… yeah, I’ll see what I can do about that. Tomorrow.” I clicked my phone off and closed my eyes again, trying to bring my heart rate back down to normal.


I put my jacket back on the rack, set my phone back on the nightstand and got back into bed.


Maybe I just needed to completely shut my phone down every night. Fnu and the kids were going to give me grey hair before I was thirty at this pace.


Honestly though, all things considered, at least it wasn’t an actual baby.


Hope you all enjoyed the random goodies for today! 

Have a great rest of your Sunday, and I’ll be back later with some Long Lost drabbles and more Leverage fanfiction. ❤


9 thoughts on “Say Uncle Drabble + Collages

  1. Poor, poor Fnu. He really is quite pitiful. xD Love the collages too, esp. Penrod’s and Clementines. *melts* I’m so predictable I know, but awww…

  2. That was amazing XD XD You had me rolling on the floor girly! Darn, I just love it so much. Thanks or making my day! ❤

  3. Oh my gosh
    that was insanely awesome, Fnu and The Baby and blaming the government. I /love it/ though at first I was panicking that Fnu had become a dad or something xD

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