Spider-Man: Far From Home – Movie Review

I went to see this with my siblings last week, and thought it deserved a nice, spoiler-free review. So, hope you guys enjoy! ❤


Spider-Man: Far From Home Review


Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest – Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction throughout the continent.

Good stuff:

  • Good plot

In my opinion, this movie had no easy task, being the first Marvel movie to follow up Endgame, and it did a really great job at it. It managed to clarify more points on how the events of Endgame effected more regular citizens, how society dealt with it, and show more of the Tony/Peter dynamic and the whole stepping into the shoes of his mentor thing is going for Peter in a really awesome way. 

Not to mention the whole rest of the plot was really fun and cool. I loved all the Europe settings. ❤ And the buildup to the climax past the reveal especially was A+ plot.

  • Character development

Like I didn’t already like Peter Parker enough, he managed to get more likable. xD Really, they did an amazing job with his character. 

Ned, I didn’t like as much as the last movie? But Happy and MJ…. oh my gosh I like them both so much more now, they’re awesome. ❤ Not to mention…. -gestures to my next point-

  • Awesome villain

MYSTERIO. Not gonna say too much because spoilers, but my gosh. I’m pumped for Marvel going forward if this is setting a trend for more interesting villains. 😀 He was a really cool character and I liked him. (I mean liked him in a writer way. I hate him as a person. xD)

  • Cool effects

I mean with the elemental beasts and everything? O_o honestly the fire one freaked me out a little. xD Plus with all the Mysterio illusions and stuff… there were some really trippy effects in there. 


Bad stuff:

  • Nick Fury

I have mixed feelings because a few things in this movie. But my like for Nick Fury has gone down. Sort of. I’m just a bit confused but also annoyed. 

  • Last post credits

Not saying anything because of spoilers, but the last post credits scene really threw me for a loop and I don’t think it was in a good way. 

  • Romance awkwardness

This one’s purely on personal preference, and honestly it didn’t decrease from the plot quality at all. But the weird sort of love triangle that got set up near the beginning when you weren’t sure what MJ thought of Peter and everything…. I don’t know, there was a bit too much awkward cringe for my taste there. 

  • Tony Stark haters beware

Okay this point I’m adding purely after talking with a friend who watched this and hated it. SO. One big baseline thing here is that it’s assuming you already love Tony Stark. There’s a lot of stuff built on Tony in this movie. And my friend is not a Tony Stark fan so the whole movie sort of fell apart for her and was very unlikable. 

So, just be aware. 



And there you have my thoughts. 

Hope you all enjoyed seeing my review! What did you think of the new Spider-Man movie/Are you planning to see it?

Comment below!


8 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home – Movie Review

  1. AWW I really can’t wait to see these movies. We older kids are beginning to watch the Marvel movies in earnest now, and I’m so excited. Soon I will know lots of things. XD Finished Iron Man 2 last night. Dear ol’ Tony. He needs help, but I still love ‘im.

  2. I enjoyed this movie. Another great movie in the Marvel saga. The villain was unique, and I liked how it was totally different then Endgame. Although, I think Homecoming was better, but maybe watching it a second time I will like it better. I also liked MJ more in this movie.

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