September Wrap-up 2019

And that’s a wrap for…. -looks at calendar- September. 


Yeesh, time flies. 

[the writings]

The writing of Golden Boy beyond the first couple of chapters is still hung up at the moment, sadly.

But I did get some writing done this month. Mainly a couple short stories, and then I’m starting to work through rewrites of Long Lost. (And changing the title to “Time Out of Mind” -credit to my awesome dad for finally coming up with something better than my placeholder title- xD)

And let me tell you guys, I have some stuff I’m really excited for in this second draft, making the plot stand on its own two feet a little more and it’s coooool. 😀

Now that I’ve started doing more seat-of-the-pants writing style stuff, honestly second drafts are almost as exciting as the firsts. xD


[the musics]

There were actually a lot of good new releases this month! Lumineers and Barns Courtney came out with new albums, Jukebox the Ghost came out with a few covers, American Authors came out with a single. Aaaand the Banners came out with another single I absolutely love, it’s amazing. ❤

On top of that I was listening through a few older Proclaimers albums and finding more songs I liked from them, so it was overall a good music month.

[the stories]

Books: I finally got into one book I’d had sitting around for a while, “Hungry Hearts”. Which was like a short story anthology all set in the same little multicultural food neighborhood. It was cool and pretty fun most of the way through. I didn’t appreciate a few content things and skipped maybe two of the stories. And there was one I liked most of the way through and then the ending took a sharp right into horror and cannibalism so I could have done without that. But the rest of it was pretty sweet and fluffy.
There was a books display at the library that pulled me in and I grabbed “Green Shadows, White Whale” by Ray Bradbury. Sort of a meandering memoir of his time in Ireland, with a lot of amazing description. ❤ Took me a while to finish, but I enjoyed it.
Not saying much here, since you’ll be getting full reviews on the 6th. But I read a friend’s published duology and shall be doing blog tour things. (spoiler alert: some really cool fantasy books written by an amazing human being.)
Aaand one of my favorites of the month: “How To” by Randall Munroe. Not only did I get this brand new fantastic book, but I also got to hear the author talk, I got to meet him, and got my book signed! 😀

-happy noises-

Also for school together we’ve been reading books to learn about stars and that’s fun. ❤


Movies: National Treasure was our first watch of the month. Well… technically rewatch. But I still love it a lot, even if the plot may not be as bulletproof as I remember. xD
Since we finished the Narnia books last month, this month we got through the Narnia movies! Which were… I mean the books are better of course, but hey it was pretty cool to see stuff on screen. Neat effects, some cool casting and overall pretty to watch.
Aquaman! It was…. very cheesy and dramatic, but they accepted that enough in making the movie that it was enjoyable. I liked it. xD
Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Another rewatch, for my brother’s film-school homework. It was awesome, again.
The Upside. Something I was intrigued by the trailer for a while ago. And it was actually…. super sweet and uplifting and I liked it a lot more than I expected, actually. Not to say there weren’t…. a few sketchy scenes, so definitely be aware. But overall pretty fun.
Hoodwinked. This was just this morning since we were hanging out. The animation has not aged well, but the humor and plot are amazing and I appreciate them more every time I watch. xD

Shows: More Lost is the main one here. The plot has thickened further, as we’re almost to the end of season 4. More siblings have jumped on to watching. A few character plotlines have muddled. I don’t appreciate the love triangle and a few things have gotten kinda sloppy. But a few things I’m really really loving (-cough- Desmond and the time travel element -cough-). And the villain is actually really well done so. Writing’s still pretty dang good the majority of the time. (Also the smoke alarm catching the smoke monster is one of my favorite things ever.)

A tiny bit of Doctor Who has been rewatched. Mainly The Day of the Doctor with my littlest siblings because that’s how I babysit. And I finally got another friend of mine into watching Doctor Who so I’m happy. xD

Homestead Rescue. A fun reality TV thing my mom found and we watched the first season. Basically a cowboy with scary eyebrows goes to failing homesteads with his two kids and they fix stuff up for idiots and make them operational/self-sufficient. And hey, you learn a lot about wilderness survival stuff so it’s cool.


[the cookings]

Well one of the big things this month was my family trying out a largely vegan diet. So that led to some pretty interesting cooking experiments. xD

So I made some vegan biscotti this month, as well as a vegan pumpkin bundt cake.

Apart from that, my smallest sister got to pick dessert and I ended up making a bombe. Which is like… a sort of chocolate cake/strawberry pudding thing in a bowl. No pictures here because it sort of fell apart and didn’t look great. xD

BUT to make up for that unattractive looking piece, the next week I got to make a blackberry pie. 😀 ❤

It looks very pretty and I’m still proud.


[the funnies]

(SORRY EVERYONE this wasn’t in the original post. edited and added with quality memes now. xD)

[the life things]

Well I mentioned above, but we did vegan for a bit. And it actually wasn’t that bad. We already eat a bunch of veggies and stuff so the main thing was honestly just not putting cheese on top of a few things and avoiding meat for the most part. Probably not staying entirely vegan, but I have a few new favorite veggie-centric recipes and have a newfound fondness for almond milk.

I’ve been obsessively checking the weather app all month because…. okay it’s sEPTEMBER come on guys this is supposed to be cold and fall-feeling, not pushing 90. -sigh- But regardless of that we still had a bit of hot weather fun going out to the river market, getting bubble tea, and swimming. 

I sort of made a Lost cosplay? After a very failed interaction with one jumpsuit, I think I should have it together. Now just…. -scouts local comiccons to go to with friends-

Rosh Hashana is today and it was a good holiday. ❤ Apples and honey happened, we made some good food and had a fun day out. 

And last main exciting thing…. I got a job, guys! I’m gonna be working behind the counter at a little bakery in town, giving people cakes. And even better, my sister got hired too! So we’ll be a team there and it should be super fun and we’ll make some monies. ❤ xD

[up next]

Well this next month contains the holiday of Sukkot, and we have Plans. Mainly involving a big roadtrip to go celebrate with some friends and see another friend of mine along the way. And I’m very hyped for that. ❤

Also right off the bat we have my awesome sister’s birthday. And right in the middle is my youngest brother’s birthday. So yay for sibling birthdays!

When we get back from the trip later in the month, I’m gonna be starting my job, so that should be fun. 

Aaand I’m hoping to at least get through the first chunk of my editing of Long Lost/Time Out of Mind. Fingers crossed I’ll have time. xD


So that was my month. How was yours? Excited for fall to finally kick in?

Comment below!

Have a great October, guys. ❤


14 thoughts on “September Wrap-up 2019

    1. thank yoooouu ❤ 😀
      (it's Dharma Desmond/a Dharma swan station person. ❤ I have a jumpsuit with a patch, work boots and I made a failsafe key. And at the general length I keep my hair it…. looks almost exactly like Desmond's so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ playing to my strengths. xD)

  1. you know these things you make usually come out when i’m most stressed and it’s kind of like you’re telepathic and trying to cheer me up???
    and it’s working???
    like, you’re incredible, man.
    Also my stress is greatly reduced, so don’t worry–I managed to get in an application I needed to, so that’s good.

    Yeep for musics!!! And come on friend, you don't want to read stories about cannibalism??? Smh. X'D
    I hope you have an epic month!!! <33 😀

  3. Heyyy you watched the Narnia movies! I like them a lot, all things considered. Minus a few things. XD
    Oh my goodness it’ll be so fun to not only have a job in a little bake shop, but also with your sister. O.o 😀 That’s awesome.
    Hope ya have an epic road trip!


      1. Oh wait, I thought you hadn’t seen or read Lord of the Rings before! Well. XD I used to be appalled at how “inaccurate” the LotR movies were, but looking at it w/a more objective eye now (being older & more experienced, for one), I can see that they’re actually fairly accurate for a book-to-movie transition. XD I like them much.

  4. National Treasure is a great movie!
    Nice “funnies” save. 😉
    Have a great October!
    I’m looking forward to this month, besides the cold.

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