Lost Fan Collages + Video

I said I’d be back with Lost fan stuff, and here I am.

Most of these I made around season 1. Except for those which are of characters who… don’t show up in season 1. xD

All pics are from Pinterest.

The show in general, season 1 mostly.
the good doctor Shepherd


everyone’s favorite fugitive


the conman who actually has a heart, contrary to popular belief


the jungle man himself


the poor man who probably needs to catch a break more than anyone else


the one who’s impossible to not like ❤


mr. ex-rockstar


the new mom ❤


the wannabe hero
the kind of twit sister


the stressed out scotsman


the leader of the Others


the quiet physicist


the snarky ghostbuster



Cool thing to share with you guys. 

My siblings and I figured out how to make fan videos, and we started a channel! I’ll probably be sharing more videos that I’ve made later on, but here’s the first one I did. ❤ It’s just couples from Lost in general, and probably holds a few spoilers, but I’m pretty proud of it. 

And here’s the link to our channel if you wanna check that out: Muckling Music Videos

Anyway. That’s what I got for the day. 

Hope you guys have a great week!

8 thoughts on “Lost Fan Collages + Video

  1. So cool. I love how you do your collages! What program do u use? The video is very nicely done, it makes me interested in the story. Maybe someday I’ll watch the show, it sounds fun!

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