March 2020 Wrap-up

Well folks, another year has passed. Cleverly disguised under the clothes of only being one month, but another year has definitely passed.

Yay for March 2020, right?


So yeah, let’s get into how my March went. xD


[the writings]

I finally got a chapter done that was giving me a lot of trouble, and I am now out of the section of adding the middle act to Time Out of Mind yayyyy. ❤

Also I think I got one other chapter done earlier in the month. Possibly. But what even is time anymore.

I also did another Survival 3.0 drabble with some friends because we randomly decided to pick that up again and start throwing drabbles back and forth at each other.


[the musics]

More AJR was listened to, because why not, and I’m actually getting more of a feel for their sound. Wouldn’t say they’re exactly my thing? Or my usual thing, anyway. xD but I can still appreciate. They have some surprisingly deep lyrics.

My brother found a Scottish band called Skipinnish that I’ve been listening to some of, and appreciating how they’re basically the mix of Proclaimers and High Kings

AND KALEO CAME OUT WITH A NEW SINGLE. And we get to see the cover for their new albummm 😀

-much excitement-

I also listened to Newsies for the first time, because the lovely rebekahelle turned me onto an ASL production that was streaming. And it was incredible, I loved it.

Anyway, there’s that playlist.


[the stories]

books: I read, and reviewed, the Doomsday Book by Connie Willis. Which was pretty interesting, but also comically bad timing on my part. xD

I finally finished A Tale of Two Cities! The last section moved way faster for me. And I really loved it. ❤

Because I was very intrigued by the concept, I finally picked up The Time Traveler’s Wife. Which…. I mean, I highly recommend the prologue. That’s… about it. I really wish I never even tried reading this book, I have a lot of problems.

A Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an American Slave. Really amazing and engaging, and surprisingly short. Even if it is some heavy stuff and I wouldn’t recommend to younger audiences, it’s very important as a book.


The Biggest Little Farm. Because gardening things. I really loved how centric dogs were to this, and there were a lot of cool shots. Nice working out just all the nature stuff that works together as well. ❤

Raiders of the Lost Ark. I mean… again. Because why not.

Amazing Grace. Another rewatch. But it’s so darn encouraging and such a great movie, I don’t feel like I need to justify anything.

Bourne Identity. This one was actually a first time watch (all the way through chronologically, at least. xD) for me. And my birthday movie pick. It was a really cool story and I liked it. -nod- ❤

About Time. This right here was my redemption for the time traveler’s wife and what a bomb that was. I mean I had to buzz a couple scenes, but this was incredible.

Knives Out. Rewatch with the family because it’s out on iTunes and stuff now. Even more cleverly done on the rewatch, and still an A+ movie. ❤


The Chosen. I’ll admit, I had pretty low expectations for this, given the… general quality of christian media + just how many times this idea of doing Christ’s life had been done over. BUT. I stand extremely corrected, this show was incredible. Really beautifully filmed, and the writing was very creative and thought out and engaging. I’d highly recommend checking this one out. (Possibly review to come if you guys are interested?)

Doctor Who. It’s been forever. But I finally picked up the 12th Doctor, because I grabbed season 9 before our library closed, only intending to watch one episode that had a deaf character. And I ended up watching more and enjoying it. xD At least this is further along in 12’s timeline, so he seems to be… a little more engaging to me than he was in season 8. (I dropped off the train after The Robot Of Sherwood last year, oops)

More rewatching happened, mainly of Timeless, Leverage and Lost. You guys have heard me talk about these enough so I’ll just leave it at that. xD

Bon Appetit. I think this counts as a show. It better, because I’ve been watching a heck ton of it. Mostly “It’s Alive with Brad” but just a lot in general. They’re so happy and fun to watch, they cheer me up. ❤


[the cookings]

I actually cooked a ton this month! and did some cool new experimental things, so hey!

I made hamentaschen for purim, the usual rhubarb type, and it was a hit as usual. ❤ 

I made some browned-butter-rosemary-pepper soda bread for St Patrick’s day, and it turned out… a little dry, but good. xD

And then I resubscribed to the Bon Appetit magazine after a very long time. So that led to a whole new wave of creative cooked goodies. Including buckwheat chocolate chip cookies, focaccia bread, and a chickpea/sweet potato/fennel/yogurt thing. All of them were huge hits, so I definitely plan on trying out more recipes from the magazines. 😀


[the funnies]

(I’m aware that there are a ton of coronavirus/end of the world memes going around and some of them are quite funny. But in the spirit of finding /other/ funny things I’m just doing memes not on that. xD)





[the life things]

Well, first we can address the elephant in the room and confirm that yeah, covid-19 basically cancelled all but a few of the plans I had for this month. It’s been absolutely ridiculous on that front and I’m more ready to sail off into the middle of the ocean than I’ve ever been.

BUT hey stuff other than that still happened.  

Purim still happened! We still had people over and did fun stuff for the holiday. ❤ 

My sister had a good birthday of hopping around to different parks and almost getting blown away in the wind. 

And I had a relatively tame 21st birthday at home that involved Bourne, Bon Appetit, and booze. (Just an Irish coffee, actually. I just had to go with the alliteration. 

My family’s starting a garden!  A big ol’ garden that takes up a very large amount of our small backyard, and we’re still working on getting all the dirt down. I’m very sore now, I’ve been shoveling a lot. 

I also dyed my hair blue! 

Because I’m not at work anymore right now, why not live wildly at home. 



[up next]

The only thing I feel safe saying at this moment, with my shattered sense of control over my own life, is QUARANTINE. 


I have hopes of finishing my novel edits over this month, as well as… possibly doing some nautical studies, and continuing through a few video classes of ASL. 

Oh yeah, and Passover’s happening, that’s a for-sure thing. xD

We’ll see how it goes. 


SO how did your year of March go? You holding up alright? Any interesting plans for during quarantine? 

Love you guys, hang in there. ❤ 


18 thoughts on “March 2020 Wrap-up

  1. Yayyy you liked Tale of Two Cities. ❤ It definitely is slow through a lot of it though.
    Ooh, I think a review for The Chosen would be cool. I've only seen an ad or so for it, but I'm with ya on the sad general quality of such things, and it would be interesting to hear. I haven't even seen many things like that, but it's good to know in case I ever consider it.

    I'm glad you're surviving and still had your birthday and got to cook and read and write and watch cool things, even if life is out of control. 😛 Always fun to read your updates. 
    Biggest thing around here is that we had to postpone my oldest sister's wedding, and shut down our cabin rental business, which is our livelihood, so like…heh…yeah. xD Fun times. (Hey, more time for reading!) I'm so sad though for all the peoples who don't have the assurance that God's in control and they can still trust Him to be faithful & unchanging, because they don't know Him. They're all in way worse boats than we are. (Speaking of which—nautical studies? How cool.)

    Anyway. Stay ye safe.

    1. Aaand my comments are almost always much later than I intend, good grief. xD 😛
      I still gotta review the Chosen officially, but yES it was so good.
      Ah maaan hope you guys are still holding up okay, that sucks. :/

      1. Thank youu ❤ We actually got to finally open up again about a week ago, which is kind of interesting considering the order for people to stay home 'cept for necessaries (and not go on vacations to cabin rentals, presumably) isn't lifted, but anyway… :'D Not much seems consistent these days.

          1. Aw thank you, ‘preciate it. ❤ It is better. We have been getting quite a few guests & bookings, so…I guess not everyone is staying home in high self-righteousness of self-isolation. ;P

    *scottish accent a la Merida in Brave* YA BEAUTY
    I also started working on gardening! Right now I’m rooting daylilies (Never plant daylilies, they are the living embodiment of all that is sick and evil and wrong with the world and also so many ROOTS) out of my raised bed and I’m going to plant lettuce and beans and stuff and I’m so excited! I also recycled a couple of bottles that I had ended up with from college to use as water bottles so my water usually tastes very very faintly of raspberry ice tea which makes it surprisingly delicious to drink.

    1. THANK YOOOUUU yeah it still hasn’t faded and looks pretty turquoise still, so I’m shocked. xD
      Oh cool!! Tell me how the gardening project turns out for you. ❤

      1. THAT’S SO GREAT!!! It is so beautiful.
        The gardening is going really well actually! We already have spinach and peas sprouted, along with zucchini and tomatoes. We planted potatoes, cucumber, beans, and herbs as well, so it’s going really well 😀

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