In Case You Don’t Know What a Writefury Is

Writefury (source: Dragon Manual)

Speed: Unknown

Size: Unknown

The amazing creature who writes faster than anything known to man. Never engage this dragon. If you happen to be in a writing contest with it, your only hope is to hide and pray it does not find you.

(please gasp for dramatic affect)

p.s. for those of you who don’t get it, this is a take-off of the “How to Train Your Dragon” movie’s Nightfury.

31 thoughts on “In Case You Don’t Know What a Writefury Is

  1. Hey Rosey!
    So I had this weird dream last night where it was our roleplay of going to visit Hornblower but since I’ve been working on the script for the audio play I wasn’t being Ten, I was being Eight, and then you mentioned wanting to fluff with mine and Bush’s hair and I may or may not have written a scene where your character (Oliver who I will eventually write in as a companion) couldn’t keep his hands away from the Doctor’s hair and I’m sorry
    Just big kids, the lot of them. -_-

    1. I see. Thank you for informing me. 🙂
      I dreamed I met you once. But then I realized it was a dream halfway through because you were too short. XP I was like “Hold on. This can’t be Erin, she’s only like an inch taller than me.”
      Okay, question. So, the script bit you sent me, I’m Oliver? I wasn’t sure because we talked about that, and me voicing a bit of the 7th doctor before regeneration.
      Clarifying question. Won’t be bummed either way. 😛

      1. Oh my gosh X-D
        I’m so sorry… I thought I told you. I guess I live too much in my own head. So Oliver is this character in my Pantheon of OCs–my first Doctor Who OC!–who the Doctor saves from radiation poisoning by hypnotizing him and talking him out of the danger zone. And from your comments I think you’re pretty much the only person who could ever play him. 😉
        So basically Oliver is pretty much a perfect counterpoint to the Doctor. He’s practical enough to accept what’s in front of him with a minimum of protests that this is ridiculous (like you, he’s a S-type–which should be interesting, because just like you have a hard time writing N-types, I have a hard time writing S-types.) He’s spontaneous enough to adapt quickly–which is something the Doctor sometimes has a hard time with–he’s a bit single minded at times. He’s got a one track mind, you see, but the track keeps skipping, so it can be hard to keep track of a conversation with him. Oliver is skeptical enough that he doesn’t immediately accept the Doctor’s more ridiculous and fantastical explanations–which is a good thing, because Eight has way too much imagination and is pretty whimsical. He actually finds it funny/endearing when the Doctor thoughtlessly insults humanity in general, because he’s experienced enough to know that there are idiots everywhere, and perhaps he’s just never met anyone who says it aloud before or makes jokes about it. The Doctor thinks in metaphors; Oliver thinks in concrete images and analogies. As such, he’s the buffer for their audience whenever the bundle of craziness that is Team TARDIS comes up against a bunch of average ordinary people caught up in an unusual or downright extraterrestrial problem. Oliver is the character who sort of acts as a restraint on the Doctor at times and does it a bit better than Grace–whose rapport with the Doctor is more in the nature of they both bounce off each other to create the most imaginative and sometimes brilliant but just as often mad ideas ever–Oliver is the grounding force for both of them, I think. Whenever the Doctor skips tracks or goes off into inexplicable technobabble that confuses Grace, Oliver acts as a translator (one a bit more reliable than the TARDIS’ built-in one. 😉 )
        Also, Oliver is totally adorable and, like the Doctor, has a soft spot for small furry animals (though Eight’s soft spot is really for ALL animals, not just soft fuzzy ones. He befriends spiders and bats like that’s normal and doesn’t understand why other people get freaked out by that–that’s most of where Eight’s otherworldliness comes from–he just doesn’t understand where humans’ concept of “creepy” comes from.) I think that the Doctor’s hair, as adorably curly as it is, would eventually prove irresistible to Oliver. X-P And if Grace was in the right mood, maybe they’d gang up on the Doctor when he was sleeping and do his hair up with braids and bows, only he’d probably like it (he also doesn’t really have a concept of what humans see as “girly” stuff. X-P)
        Things Eight Dislikes: Flowers that aren’t real. He doesn’t see the point of fake flowers and hates the concept of fabricated life or even life that’s simply imitated in that way–as in, imitated rather than captured artistically. I also like the metaphor of Eight’s mind (or maybe his mouth) missing tracks, like when he’s overexcited or panicking he repeats words (which is supported in canon), and maybe he ends up with sentences from which he’s dropped words (that’s actually not supported in canon, but I feel like it’s in character), and he regularly skips from thought to thought in a way that’s difficult to follow.
        Sorry. I just love these adorable dorks. Team TARDIS for the win! *pumps fist*

        1. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. 😀 I’m flattered that you think I’m the only one to play him. 🙂
          It’s funny about the translator thing, because I do that a lot between family members. And finish mom’s sentences when she loses her logical train of thought. XD
          Oliver totally sounds type 4. I could just see an Archie-ish face and big grin. XD

          1. X-D He is. he absolutely is. *hugs you and squees*
            I kind of think the Doctor might have some sort of learning disability or something… I’m not sure. Divergent, absolutely. 😛

        1. I didn’t even think of that being mistaken on Kingdom Pen. My button is Toothless on here, so everyone got it. But yeah, I’m not actually that furious most of the time. XD
          Puns for the win! 😛

  2. haha, I totally needed your hint that this was from How To Train Your Dragon. And I’m currently listening to the audio books *hides head*. But those books are amazing! And love your blog title, and that you use the Sacred names for Yeshua 😉 And Idaho is so close to Montana!

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