Of Blogs & Buttons


Proverbs31teen’s totally awesome writing blog, which holds an amazing world of Avengers stories, inspiring christian tales, Twinepathy (a really cool serial story) and publishing and writing tips. Plus, Proverbs31teen is a super awesome person. (She’s part elf. Legolas’s cousin, to be specific. And the one that helped me figure out that I’m actually a hobbit, for which I am eternally grateful.)

Go on.

Go comment on something of hers.



A great opportunity for authors to get their work critiqued by others, and be able to read and critique for other writers as well.

Do check it out!

Because, seriously, who doesn’t want to support superheroes? And when multiple superheroes share a blog, that’s just way too cool to pass up.

Read on for the adventures of everyday heroes in our midst! 🙂

The Upstairs Archives

And this little crest represents a blog almost as random… okay, maybe as random… as mine.

Erin Kenobi’s blog, The Upstairs Archives has many different posts and reasons for reading them. Check it out for fanfiction, writing tips, stories, rants and just about anything.

And, as with The World of The Writer, it’s worth reading just for the blogger herself. 😉



WritingAnyone is a young writer with a really fun blog and a great serial story going. Definitely give her a look!

Cait is kind of a big thing, so you’ve probably heard of her. But she is an extremely awesome… pineapple. As she would probably say. She has a hilarious writing voice and puts up lots of fun stuff. Go give her some cake. Please. She loves it.