Twinepathy Book Tour! Character Interview: Maddie

Hey, guys! So, today I’m doing a book tour to spread the news about C.B. Cook’s awesome superhero book, Twinepathy! 😀 I’ll be doing an interview with one of the characters today, *drumroll* Maddie! *squeaks because she’s an adorable little person* Anyway, enjoy! Here’s the book tour info. The Synopsis: Albany York has a secret.… Read More Twinepathy Book Tour! Character Interview: Maddie

Fan Stuffs

Well, that’s the first time I’ve broken my posting schedule in a bit. Five whole days. Actually, that’s not a lot. 😛 So I’ve been doing, as the title says, some fan stuffs recently. So I thought I might share those today since I didn’t particularly have much else in mind. Anyway.   That looks… Read More Fan Stuffs