Writing Challenge, Day 3

Challenge 3: Invent a character based off a plant. Introduce them and show a picture of them.


Danika “Dani” Lyons

Based off a dandelion.

Age: 7 years old

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Home: Montana

Book: None yet

Abilities: Good sense of balance, loves to climb and gets along well with other people.

Hobbies: Tree climbing, gymnastics and jumping rope.

Other: Dani is a sweet, energetic and cheerful girl. She is almost always active, loves playing with other people and her dolls. Dani is the youngest of six children and loves to be the center of attention. Her mom refers to her as a little sunshine because she brightens the day of almost everyone she meets.


practicing on her balance beam



Sprinkle Squink’s

Rosa Hip

Age: 9

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Home: Forest

Book: “The Mittened Dolls”

Abilities: Good balance, fast runner, good cook and good singing voice.

Hobbies: Gymnastics, cooking, dancing and singing

Other: Rosa is a friendly, outgoing, talented girl who loves to sing and cook and is always running around the forest looking for fun. If you’re in the forest, please do not step on her.



So, that concludes our character creations and the first leg of the writing challenge! Please vote for your favorite character below, and who knows, we might post stories about the winners. 😉

Any thoughts?

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