Writing Challenge, Day 4

Challenge 4: Have two of your book characters from different book worlds meet. Write a short story about it.



Gilligan: From my first book: “Odd Team Out”. He is a search and rescue dog, an otterhound and is modeled after our family’s dog who just died in December. This story is honor of him and my belief that Gilligan is flying in heaven right now.

Riley: From “A Viking Captive”. An irish girl who was captured by vikings and sold as a slave. I have posted some of her story on here and you can find it in the category: “Long Stories”.




Gilligan wandered around the forest that looked like it was somewhere in Norway. He sniffed at a small loganberry bush.

It’s official, he thought, this is definitely not anywhere near Jean and Cobalt. Gilligan let out a mournful howl, then paused and listened for an answer. Nothing. He flopped down on the ground with his head resting on his paws and let out a small whine.

“This way!”

Gilligan’s ears went forward at the sound of a human voice. His tail started thumping on the ground happily.

“See? She didn’t avoid the mud here; I can see some little hollows in the mud. It must have been her running across it. They’re aiming that direction. Let’s go!”

The human footsteps came nearer. Gilligan stood to his feet, his tail now wagging furiously.

“Ruff!” he barked.

The footsteps stopped.

“What was that?” said one of the voices.

“It sounded like a dog to me. I think it came from over there… let’s go see.” The footsteps came closer until two people with funny hats that made it look like horns were coming out of their heads rounded the corner.

People! thought Gilligan. He barked again,

I like your funny hats!

One of the Vikings looked disgusted, “There’s your slave girl. Those were dog footprints!” The men turned and walked away, “Boy will I have some things to say to the chief when we get back…” Gilligan heard as they got farther away. The dog drooped, flopping back down on the ground to mope until another human voice caught his ears. This time, though, it was a girl.

“Hey, boy!” the whisper came from under a medium-sized pine tree. Gilligan perked up and turned towards the voice. A small girl in a dirty dress crawled out from underneath the tree and looked at Gilligan.

Gilligan’s tail started wagging and the girl smiled. Reaching out her hand, the girl took a few steps towards Gilligan. Gilligan trotted the last few feet to the girl and rubbed his head on her hand. Her smile widened.

“Good boy! Hey, Maddy! Magnus! Come out here; I have a friend for you!” A small yellow dog and a large dog that looked like it had big, bushy eyebrows climbed out from under the tree and towards Gilligan. Gilligan wagged his tail at the two new dogs as they began sniffing him over. The girl laughed,

“Looks like you’ve just joined the Riley O’Malley team! There’s just one more member you need to meet. Shyloh!!!” Gilligan jumped at the sudden loud yell that came from Riley. But what surprised him even more was the enormous eagle that dropped from the sky and landed not ten yards away from them.

“Good girl, Shyloh,” said Riley, running over and stroking the eagle’s head. The dogs followed Riley and Gilligan cautiously followed them. Riley looked down at Gilligan,

“You want a ride, boy? Well, you’re smaller than Magnus, so I guess it would work. Hop on.” Riley scrambled up onto Shyloh’s back and beckoned for Gilligan to follow. Gilligan’s fondness for Riley overcame his fear of Shyloh and he jumped up after her.

“I’ll be right back; you guys stay here, alright?” Riley called down to Madigan and Magnus as Shyloh soared off into the grey sky.

Gilligan tucked his tail and tried his best not to fall as the green of the forest became farther and farther away. Suddenly, he couldn’t see it at all as he was surrounded by grey cloud. He sat up a little and whimpered at Riley. Riley glanced at him,

“Just wait,” she said with a small smile. She had barely finished speaking when they burst out of the clouds and into brilliant blue sky. They sped over the surface of the clouds, swirling them up with the force of their speed. Riley laughed, Gilligan barked and wagged his tail.

Gilligan had many adventures after that day, but he never forgot Riley and the day he flew.



Sprinkle Squink’s

Chita: See Writing Challenge, Day 1, HERE.

Cream Soda: See Writing Challenge Day 2, HERE




“One cream soda, please,” said Chita as she handed the cashier a one dollar bill

“The fridge is right over there,” said the cashier.

“Thanks!” Chita said over her shoulder. As she reached the fridge, she heard a few clacking noises. She dismissed them from her mind and reached for a can of pop. She tapped twice on the little tin circle, then opened it and took a sip.

Chita dropped a dime in the tip jar on her way out, then headed to her tree house. When Chita reached her tree house, she found her elevator board down as usual. She stepped onto it, set her pop can down at her feet and started to pull up the rope.

When she got to the top, she stepped off her elevator, held the rope and tied it securely to a thick branch. Then she grabbed her soda and sat down at her table made out of branches and twigs.

Chita heard a twittering noise and turned her head to look at the bird who was making it.


She turned her head back around and to her disappointment she saw her soda can on its side gushing pop.

“Oh, well. It was only a dollar,” she said to herself as she grabbed an old towel to mop up the mess.

Then she heard a grunting noise and saw the can roll towards the edge of the table. It kept rolling. And then she saw some grapes that would float out of the fruit bowl, drop to the table and roll off the edge.

“Hey!” said Chita. The grape stopped in midair, then a tiny little girl with copper hair appeared. She dropped the grape.

“Who are you?” asked Chita.

“I’m Cream Soda,” said the girl, “and I’m eight!” she added proudly, “I’m a big girl now! So, who are you?”

“I’m Chita and I’m twelve.”

“Wow, you’re pretty old.”

“No, I’m not. I’m only a couple years older than you.

“Okay, I guess you’re not that old. So what do you do?” asked Cream.

“I climb trees, work at a Café, go shopping and live here! And what do you do, Cream?”

“Nothing much, but I like to fly, sing and dance.”


“And I can do this!” Cream Soda shot a stream of cream soda high into the air.

“Cool! Said Chita excitedly.

“Uh, Chita?” said Cream Soda, “I’ve always wanted something and I haven’t got it…”

“What is it?” asked Chita.

“A friend,” said Cream Soda, tears welling up in her eyes, “Will you be my friend?” she asked shyly.

“Okay,” said Chita.


Any thoughts?

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