Tales of Faith: Published!

Hey, everyone!

So, since I started my faithwriters membership, I’ve been thinking about putting all my little stories and tidbits together in a collection. I have quite a few stories and, if you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you’ve read a lot of them.

I’ve been keeping all my stories on a file together and keeping track of what they placed, what the subject was and what level they were entered in so it would be easier to transition into a book.

So when I finished my membership, I put the finishing touches on everything. Adding a dedication, table of contents, title page and all that and passed it off to my mom to edit.

Anyway, she finished pretty quickly (thanks mom!:)) and now, for a third time, I AM PUBLISHED! 😀

Here’s the cover:

cover faithwriters


Thanks to my sister for the title!

So that’s pretty awesome and exciting. 🙂 Please take a look if you can, here!

Tales of Faith on Lulu.com

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

And proverbs31teen has agreed to help me with organizing a book tour, since I’ve never really done one before. That should be up and going within a couple of weeks, so I’ll keep you posted on that and comment if you’d like to participate.

The book is now on the My Books page and added to my bookstore as well.

Please take the time to look at it and stay tuned for the book tour!

And again, comments are great. 😉


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