Sale Survey

Hey, everybody!

I’m participating in an independent authors book sale for Black Friday this year. If you guys could take a couple of minutes to take the survey for how we can make this run better, that would be great! 🙂

He’s my book page, just so you know what books I’m talking about: My Books

Thanks! 😀

Which one of my books do you think you’d be most interested in?

Please comment!


13 thoughts on “Sale Survey

  1. I’m actually pretty excited about the “Odd Team Out” books and the possible novel you started which was inspired by the Peleg Chronicles. Also, how do I signal boost this? Because I’d love to support Christian authors like this 🙂

    1. I’m actually going to dive into the plotting for the Peleg Chronicles one after this. One of my brothers gave me an idea for a character to alternate the POV. So, yeah, I’m excited. 😀
      Signal boost… what does that mean? Just support? Leah’s Bookshelf is running it, so I’d talk to her.

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