Odd Team Out 2: Mission Accomplished

Well, I did it.

Odd Team Out 2 was finished within the month of November.


Because I am now a firm believer that the month of December does not start until the sun rises.

In the last day, I wrote exactly 7,878 words, passing the 50,000 mark by quite a few thousand. That makes this book the longest I’ve ever written. And written in much less time.

I stayed up until 2:45 am and my one hand I type with is very sore.

But you know, sometimes it helps when I’m writing sleep deprived characters.

Here’s the cover:


I’ll share a few snippets with you guys, avoiding spoilers:

   “So, what’s your mission tonight?” Jean kept her lips as still as she could while she spoke. “Which suspicious, supposed-ally will you be watching?”

“Russian ambassador. He’s always suspicious. It was just my turn on duty this time. Though, between us, he’s never really done anything bad. I just think Director Ecks doesn’t like his beard. Who are you on?” He opened the door for her, the knob slipping a little on his gloves.

A new agent by the name of Sterling.

“Yeah,” Wally sounded tired with the shock of it, “Aaand I can’t reconnect to him because I made it a secure line and the radio’s fried. So, for one, we need to figure out a way to go get him because all he’s got is gross candy and pure fear to survive on. For two, Jean tripped the wire and is acting really weird about it. I am . . .” a nervous laugh came in between his words, “ . . . woefully unequipped to deal with this.”

“Gross candy and pure fear?” asked Comet with a disgusted face.

“Breakfast of champions,” said Blades with a shrug.

“Jean’s acting really weird how?” asked Magma, with a motion for the other boys to be quiet.

Sometimes Magma gets tired of being the only one who takes anything seriously.

   Machinery noises continued for a bit and some clacking around.

“Theeere we go . . . I knew that wire went there.”

“Hey, whoa. Stay. Stay there. Don’t . . .”



“Dang it.”

I like Wally. 🙂

   Jazz raised his hand and gave a quick rap at the door, “Hola, senorita Jean?”

“I don’t want to see you, Jazz.”

Jazz frowned. It was spoken clearly and the meaning was obvious. No sidestepping what she’d said. Where was the loophole to get in?

He cleared his throat, “Excuse me, what did you say?” he asked as he swung open the door.

And then there’s Jazz.

   “No… nonononono… you don’t get it,” Wally was typing furiously again, “This is a starting point. We follow this to its logical conclusion and crush the opposing argument from there.”

   “Crush the opposing argument?”

   “Yes. I like doing that. It makes me happy.”

   Jean put a hand over her eyes, “This is going nowhere.”

   “Is too. What’s the next logical train-of-thought station if {spoiler deleted]?”

Well, anyway. There’s still some formatting to be done, but the bad guy is defeated and the conflict is finished.

Hope you guys enjoyed the snippets!

Keep an eye out for this coming to print sometime in the near future. 🙂

How did you do on NaNoWriMo?

Please comment!


21 thoughts on “Odd Team Out 2: Mission Accomplished

    1. Thank you! 😀 *hugs you* *coughs on some of the confetti*
      Well, I don’t think I would have been able to get it done without my constant sibling drill sergeant squad on top of me. 😛

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