It’s been a while since I’ve done any tags. Thankfully, Kinsey and Rebekah have remedied that for us and I’ve been tagged for two things. The Eclipse tag, and the Leibster Award.  Let’s jump in, shall we?   Eclipse Tag Rules: Thank the person that nominated you for this tag (thank you Kinsey!) List the… Read More Double-Tags!


I just finished reading another Josephine Tey book, The Singing Sands. Very good book. Once again, highly recommend it. And everything I said about Inspector Grant and the writing style still applies. Though the ending was MUCH better. Brilliant. 🙂 So, this is a blurb from the book in a part near the end. Grant… Read More Vanity

Mother’s Day Quote

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! Something in honor of my other Grandma who is not here to celebrate. Here’s a quote from her. By the way, one of my favorite quotes ever and I try to live by it. 🙂       Have a great Mother’s Day! Go hug your mom. 😉 ~writefury