I’m Back & a Few Pictures

*static noises*

Aaand…. we’re back.

Hey, everybody!

So, I’m back from my Chanukah week off and have, as I thought, lots to share. It was a really fun time and I’ll just list a few of the little highlights for me.

  • Getting to plan a little more on my next book and get some ideas where I’m going.
  • Having my three-year-old brother, Isaiah, teach me Mastermind. And then proceed to guess my code in three guesses.
  • Squink and I having rainbow twinkle lights in our room.
  • Chasing cows for an hour in the rain after they escaped into a neighbor’s field. (Weird highlight, but it was actually fun.)
  • Getting the whole set of Horatio Hornblowers on disc as a family gift. πŸ˜€
  • Giving calendars to everyone with pictures I’ve made.
  • Our choir and band program’s christmas concert. (Rather a subcategory in itself: Daniel singing Jingle Bells to the tune of Mission Imposssible, Peter doing weirdΒ hand motions to his songs on stage, and me having to fix my flute with the conductor’s baton in the middle of the performance)

Well, there were lots of other fun things, but I shall not list them all. On to the pictures!

Chanukah pictures won by a landslide, so I have my favorites from the week here to show.


First night menorah.


Tinsel and twinkle lights on the rail by the music room.


John lighting the menorah on the second night.


The twinkle lights in my room. I thought having them strung past my Shakespeare quote was a little funny. If it’s unclear what the words say it’s: “Madman, I say there is no darkness but ignorance.” A line from my role as Feste the jester in Twelfth Night. πŸ™‚



Isaiah rolling out the donut dough. ❀



His cooked, though un-frosted products.



And James enjoying the finished donut.



More twinkle lights at our grandparent’s house.




My aunt’s dog, Ozzy, watching the candles from the couch.


Hope you guys liked those! πŸ™‚

We’ve got plenty else coming soon. Another part of my Hornblower story is almost done, I have a funny poem to share, the donut recipe with more pictures and of course some tags. Oh, and we’ve been watching lots of Studio C videos and laughing our heads off at that around here, so maybe a few of my favorites could get posted. Yep. Lotsa stuff.

Well, talk to you all later!

Please comment with your favorite picture or what you’re looking forward to most! πŸ™‚

’till the next writefury attack,


25 thoughts on “I’m Back & a Few Pictures

      1. If I finish my school in the morning, I’ll watch it during lunch. πŸ™‚

        My favorite episodes are International Relations, Aww Yeah, Holding Back, Scott Sterling, and International Poker Game.

        And hmm. I like Jason, Jeremy, Steven, Matt, Natalie, Whitney, James, Stacey, and Mallory. Yeah…

          1. You should. It’s awesome. XD Matt’s an evil villain who can’t remember who the person who’s come to take revenge on him is. XD
            YES! πŸ˜€ and I have so many ideas too!

    1. I think there’s a video for sale. We actually did t play mission impossible, though. The time signature and all… We need more practice time. My brother was just playing it for warm up and the kid next to him commented “Nice Jingle Bells.”
      Daniel then proceeded to sing jingle bells to the tune of mission impossible, complete with the ominous “Jingle” at the end. XD

        1. It was. XD the flute thing was actually kind of fun. One of my springs came loose and I was out of tune for the first two songs. I needed something small to poke it back and was looking for something that would work. I tried folded up sheet music in between the first two songs… But the conductor’s baton was really the only possible option. XP thankfully, flutes are in the front row.

          1. X-D Sounds like fun! X-D I wish I could play flute… I play guitar, some recorder, and piano. Also a primitive wooden flute of some sort, I think. And harmonica (very badly.)

          2. I wish I could figure out guitar. πŸ˜› my fingers never hold out long enough. I can do a little piano, but I usually just learn the right hand part and then forget about the left one. XP

          3. Mmm… you’re right, it does take a little finger strength…
            Because I’m still stuck on how to conclude the Hornblower RP… would you RP with me? Oliver and Eight in dark and possibly scary places or just being general dorks? @_@

          4. It does. That’s what usually gets me. πŸ˜› clarinets actually are only held up by one thumb so I have a sore hand after playing. XD
            I think that might be a better idea to start over email since the comment notifications keep being weird. But it would be good character development. πŸ™‚

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