Laughs (Because those are always a good thing)

Hey-lo from… hiatus-land. 😛

I’ve got some funny pics and videos to share today with you guys! Lotsa fun. I pretty much guarantee that you’ll at least snicker once by the end of this post.

If not… well…


Anyway, let the random funniness begin!


The actual ending of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Justice is served. XD






Living with brothers, I can confirm a definite difference between the two.



I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS WAS SO FUNNY TO ME. I saw this and was randomly bursting out laughing for the rest of the day.



This looks like something Peter would write…



No words…


And some fan-funnies. 🙂


He looks so betrayed…






Best. Captioning. Ever.



Another one that just struck me WAY too funny. XD



*raises hand* I propose a field trip.


And, two videos that make me laugh.

From the best YouTubes: Studio C and Blimey Cow. 😀

Bop It goes wrong…


And ten questions retail workers are tired of hearing. 


Hope I brightened your day! What made you laugh the hardest?

Please comment!


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