Civil War: Movie Review //Spoiler Free//

Well, my suggestion of a review of Captain America 3 went over pretty well.

So, your guys’ wish is my command. *bows*



Captain America: Civil War Review



Political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability when the actions of the Avengers lead to collateral damage. The new status quo deeply divides members of the team. Captain America believes superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference. Iron Man sharply disagrees and supports oversight. As the debate escalates into an all-out feud, Black Widow and Hawkeye must pick a side.


What I thought:


Good stuff:

Beginning point: I like this movie very much. In a somewhat painful way.


Moving on.

With all the windup about either being on Team Cap or Team Iron Man, you’d think the lines would be a little more firmly drawn against each other, but it actually wasn’t setting either of them as a bad guy.

Tony had his reasons and (though I’m still taking my side with Cap) I sympathized with him. Steve, as awesome as he was, might not have done everything right either.

Everyone was very realistic, which was nice.

I can go off on a lot of different rabbit trails, here. So I’ll go with a list of what I liked.

  1. Complex, plot-twisty story (MORE THAN I CAN SAY BECAUSE SPOILERS)
  2. The Captain himself. I’ve probably said this before, but he’s probably one of the best, if not the best, movie characters for morality. With every step along the way, he’s careful to avoid any unnecessary violence and protects anyone he can from being hurt. And he’s extremely selfless. The last thing that’s on his mind is his own safety. Yeah. Love Cap. ❤                                             tumblr_mwxkldYckO1r5a08so2_250
  3. Backstory. The movie isn’t totally looking forward. It goes back and fills in a few things from the already existing story, making more connections and such.
  4. Bucky. Incredibly complex as a character. Also incredibly heartbreaking. But he was sweet and awesome. Also…. Bah, spoilers. Talk to me in the comments. We’ll freak out and I’ll edit the spoilers away afterwards.
  5. Humor. As with any good Marvel movie, the tension gets a few well-deserved breaks with funny stuff. Ant-Man and Spiderman being a pretty good source. 😉 Speaking of which…
  6. Ant-Man. He’s just… awesome, okay? He’s like one of the only guys who fully appreciates the fact that he’s a superhero. XD Plus, he had one of my favorite lines. (Watch it and guess…)
  7. Hawkeye. The fountain of snark springs anew.
  8. Spiderman. Even though it was slightly irksome having YET ANOTHER ACTOR for the role, he was adorable.
  9. Iron Man. I DIDN’T EXPECT HIM TO MAKE THE LIST, OKAY? But he does. He was also heartbreaking. Still snarky, but not quite the jerk that I’d never feel sorry for. Again, avoiding spoilers.
  10. Black Panther. Again, unexpected. But he had actually the most complete character arc of anyone.
  11. Lots of other stuff. (This covers anything I’ve forgotten so if you remind me of it I won’t have to go back and edit… hopefully)

Anyway. Yep. It was good.


Bad stuff:

So, I did have a few things I would like to point out that weren’t my favorite.

Violence was a bit of a problem. They got a little close to a few deaths during the course of the movie. A murder, a suicide bomb and an assassination, plus multiple fist-fights don’t make for a totally family-friendly movie.

Usually, Marvel isn’t too bad about this, but they got a little past what they usually do in this one. Daniel and I (17 and 15) were fine, but I wouldn’t recommend it for little folks.

If we’re totally honest, I was a little adrenaline rush shaky afterwards. But the whole Imax 3D might have had something to do with that…


A few short personal problems: I generally like the superheroes that are actually plausible and perhaps scientifically possible. I don’t know, the heroes they added after AOU just bug me a little.

The only really writer-wise problem was that it seemed like they had a lot to work with and sort of had to drop a few character plotlines that would have been interesting to follow.

Subtext of above statement: We needed more Scott Lang is what I’m basically saying. He was awesome with the screen-time he got, but he should have had more.



Overall: Very intense, but awesome. A definite must-watch for Marvel fans. 😛 Much important stuff happens.

Have you seen Civil War? Think you will?

Please comment! I’d love to talk with you!


45 thoughts on “Civil War: Movie Review //Spoiler Free//

  1. Gosh. I am dying to see this movie, but my family isn’t into Marvel so it might not happen soon. Although I will be traveling via air this summer, so I might be able to watch it on the airplane. XD

    1. Sounds like a good plan. 😛 Have any brothers? I’m pretty sure they’d like it. Or your dad. Then again, both my dad and Daniel are ESTPs, so action movies are kind of already a guaranteed win. XD

      1. My parents just tend to be wary of movies they don’t know much about. xP But I’ll find a way to watch it. 😉

  2. Team Cap all the way! I watched Civil War this last and loved it. I really liked the depth of the characters as well as the plot. And Spiderman was hilarious. And Bucky…I love Bucky. I hope we’ll see more of him.

    1. Go Team Cap! 😀
      YESSS. As far as character development, I think this one of Marvel’s best movies.
      Oh, Bucky…. (Hey, did you see the post credits scenes? The last one didn’t quite…. excite me. I don’t think I got what they were trying to do there… XD But the one before that?)

      1. Yes, I stayed for the post credit scenes. The first one was cool. And I thought the second one was funny. Apparently Iron Man will be in the next Spiderman movie. 😉

  3. :O Yes. Yes and more yes😁. A review with no spoilers but still tells me what I need to know. Honestly I have had trouble with the sheer amounts of various Spider-Mans (even if I only watched about ten minutes of the first one) so I really usually watch the carton ones (ultimate Spider-Man).

    1. Yay! Glad I was able to give a good review. 🙂 But man… spoiler avoidance nearly drove me insane. We have to talk after you see it. XD
      This new guy was actually kinda cute as Spiderman. Sort of the dorky kid who’s just thrilled to be working with superheroes. I haven’t seen the second actor a lot, though we have the first 3 spiderman movies. (Daniel and I like them, but kind of make fun of the plot formula. Seriously, how can one teenager have so many identity crisises?)

  4. I’ve heard so many good reviews of this movie, and it seems that everyone appreciated the development and characters. Man, I wish I could be a Marvel fan… Maybe I’ll like this one? Possibly?

    1. Honestly, keeping in mind your post about the Marvel movie formulas, this one probably beats out Ant-Man for shattering the mold. AND THE THEME. It was extremely well done as far as theme. I mentioned Black Panther. Watch that dude. He’s the theme man. And…. yeah. If you were to like a Marvel movie, plot-wise, I’d put my money on this one. (Though, if you haven’t seen The Winter Soldier, I’d at least look up a plot summary first.)

  5. Go Cap! I didn’t get to see this movie yet (☹️) but judging from the others, I’m always taking Cap’s side of things. His character’s personality is just perfect.

  6. I saved your review in my email so I could come back to it when I watched it. Which I just did. So… I mean… GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I thought it was amazingly well done, and they actually gave Tony sufficient motivation for choosing the government’s side. I like how they name-dropped Banner, and Nat asking Tony if he really thought Banner would be on their side. (Not much of an argument – he spent years hiding from the government in India…)
    I was really surprised by T’Challa!!! I actually liked him a lot towards the end of his character arc (SPOILER after he got past his must-kill-Bucky phase :P), and that first end-credits scene…
    I could easily gone on… Poor Wanda…. And Vision….
    AND ALL THOSE PLOT TWISTS. My mouth was literally hanging open several times. O.O

      Yesyesyesyes everything yes. 😛 I loved how it wasn’t Iron Man’s usual motivation and he was actually trying to reconcile with everything bad he’d done.
      And T’Challa…. yes. Just awesome. And that post credits scene with him?! (“Let them try”) *squeal*
      I KNOW! SAME! So many awesome things. 😀

      1. RIGHT???? 😀
        I was upset about him and Pepper “taking a break”. Nooooo… they’re pretty much the only steady couple.
        SO EXCITED. And we get a Black Panther movie soon!!!! 😀

          1. Poooooor poooooor Pepperony!!!! 😀 They have the best ship name… and they’d better get back together soon.
            He was great, and he had an awesome character arc!
            So do you think they’ll defrost Bucky for Infinity War? *very hopeful*

          2. They’d better! 😛 THEY TOTALLY DO HAVE THE BEST SHIP NAME. Scott and Hope are sort of backed into a corner with their ship possibilities, though. The 4 they have are Scope, Hott, Lym and Pang. XD
            YES. That’s barely even a question. More Bucky is always better. Though it is painful for the feelings. 😛

          3. Yeah, Scope is my favorite too. Hott seems very… awkward. XD
            I KNOW. O.O I was sooooo tense in that scene! Sort of the mental guessing-game of “who’s gonna die?” 😛

          4. I know! *sobs with you* Steve at the funeral was the saddest thing. 😥
            Though I will say I’m relieved it wasn’t Steve or Bucky that died.

          5. ME TOO. I was so worried that someone important was going to die… T’Chaka’s death was almost as heartbreaking. Almost.
            The looks on Bucky’s and Sam’s faces after Steve kisses Sharon… That was gold. XD Before that, the kiss was just weird.

          6. *nods* That one was pretty sad, mostly because of T’Challa’s reaction, though.
            YES THEIR FACES WHEN STEVE LOOKS AT THEM. XD Priceless. I was kinda iffy about the kiss to begin with, but they totally made it hilarious.

          7. I knooow, poor guy! But then he decides to kill Bucky so I didn’t feel sorry for him for too long. 😛
            Right? I was thinking, “They better show Bucky and Sam’s reactions.” 😀

  7. OH!!! And I think I guessed what your favorite Ant-Man quote is. Was it when he was in Iron Man’s suit and he said, “This is your conscience. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while…” XD So many good quotes, though!

    1. Actually, I sort of had a tie going with that one. 😛 It was that and: “I do this all the time! Well… I did it once… in a lab… and I passed out… but still!”

  8. I WANT TO SEE IT SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you about Iron Man (I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I always felt bad that everyone seemed to be siding with Cap), but Team Cap! 🙂 Great review, by the way. I can’t wait to see it now, which is interesting, because I couldn’t wait to see it before and now I can’t wait to see it even more. Okay, I’ll be quiet now. 😛

      Yeah, well if it’s a Captain America movie to begin with, most of the people going are sort of predisposed to liking him better. 😉

        1. You know, this will look quite weird to non-OYANers. XD
          Heeyyyy I saw you did the Top 10 Villains Tag. My sis started that one. Nice to see it’s going around.

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