Back To Eden Garden

Hey, guys!

So, again we delve into the ancient picture files of last year, when I went on a tour of a cool garden in Sequim. (Because it’s around garden season again and it seems appropriate 😛 )

This garden was really cool.

Not only do we have kale and beets that are sweeter than some fruits and rainbow chard that is unbelievably colorful, the guy is growing wasabi and figs.

Keep in mind this is Washington State we’re talking about.

Wasabi and figs are not things we can just casually go out and pick anywhere.

So, yeah. Very cool garden and the guy was amazing. (Here’s the link to the movie if you peoples want to go check it out: Back to Eden)

On to the pictures!


Apples. This was early August and the apples were still sweet enough to eat.



The apple orchard. All bent over and easy to pick.



The amazing kale that everyone in Washington freaks out about. Including our family, to an extent.



Echinacea flowers.



This head of cabbage was as big as my head, if not bigger. And I have a big head.



Cute little parsley sprouts. 🙂



More sprout rows.



Beautiful onions.



And GORGEOUS chard.


Hope you enjoyed! Do you have a garden? What do you grow in it?

Please comment!


28 thoughts on “Back To Eden Garden

    1. YES.
      Yeah, we have garlic and peas… and weeds. That’s it. But we got our plot done up really nicely for it! XD
      Cool! We have an orchard too. Plums, apples, sour cherries and a peach tree that gave us one peach that was about the size of a kumquat. 😛

  1. I like the pictures! I know, right? Swiss Chard is so pretty…and yummy, though none of my siblings like it. 🙂
    We planted a garden this year…beans, carrots, flowers, cucumbers, tomatoes…and other stuff I’m forgetting. 😉

  2. It’s so cool that you got to go see the Back to Eden garden! We have actually used a few of his techniques- not with nearly so much success, though. This year we only planted some flowers, but other times we’ve had strawberries that overran the rest of the garden. 🙂

    1. Yeah, we’ve sort of got the on-again off-again thing going with whether we do a garden certain years. Faith insisted that we plant lots of peas. 😉
      Though Bullwinkle went through a bit of a “digging up everything in sight” phase, so there wasn’t much gardening last year. 😛

        1. Well, we got Bullwinkle as a tiny puppy, so that kind of explains it. 😛 He also had the teething phase where he would sit and gnaw on the corner of our porch. XD

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