Quote Challenge, Day 2

A.K.A. The Captain America edition.

Here’s day 1 if you want to check it out! Quote Challenge, Day 1


The last bit always echoes Psalm 1 in my mind.

So yes I love it all. ❀

And, because this is sorta-kinda a quote… and it’s on the topic…. a Captain America/Fix My Eyes chorus collage.

Here’s the song if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

And the collage, in 3 pieces cuz it’s big.




Sooo… yep.

That’s my bit for today.

I tag:



and M.K. Stelmer

Hope you enjoyed!

Please comment!


14 thoughts on “Quote Challenge, Day 2

  1. Holy Roman Empire, I never even realized how well Captain America fit with that song. That is one thing I can appreciate about Marvel: Cap isn’t afraid to stand up for true values.

  2. Please! These Cap feels!! 😭❀️ That song actually fits so perfectly with Cap. I think that’s why he’s my favorite Avenger; he’s not super rich or super smart, he’s just a guy who stands up for what is right.

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