Which Blank Mastermind Character Are You?

Sooo quick fun thing for today. I made a personality quiz for my serial story, Blank Mastermind!

The vast majority of you have read it. But even if you haven’t finished it… haven’t started it… or haven’t even heard of it… hopefully you can still have fun seeing who you are. 😛


Hopefully the embed works, but if not, here’s the quiz link here: Which Blank Mastermind Character Are You?

So who did you get?
Please comment!

77 thoughts on “Which Blank Mastermind Character Are You?

  1. I love that you did this! Love Blank Mastermind and all your characters so naturally was curious as to which I would be. 😀 Was hoping for Wolfgang, ‘cuz he’s my favorite, 😛 but guessed I would be Dallas and sure enough! Dallas Knight it is–not that I’m complaining of course, Dallas is probably my second favorite. 😀

    Thanks for creating this and thank you most of all for introducing all of us to your vibrant, lovable characters! You’re a very talented writer and I, along with the rest of your Blank Mastermind fans, (and fans in general ;)), am eagerly awaiting your latest short stories and other assortment of niceties. 😀

    1. Yesss -highfives- of course, it was a bit predetermined that I’d get him after how long I’ve spent being him to write. But still. XD
      You’ll have to tell me who everyone gets!

      1. So far we’ve got one more Wolfgang and at least two Dallas Knights. I’m pretty sure Josh (the lego fan) will get Bad News… XD

  2. I got Liza! Awesome!! I was thinking halfway through the test that I might end up being Bad News, because ice cream is the solution to everything, but I’m fine with this result 😀

  3. I got Dallas, which is pretty close, but I would have hit more Wolfgang answers if there were a few changes. I don’t think there is a single character I am, if you wanted my attitude in there, you’d need me. (I’m quiet till I want something done, then its duck and cover, folks. So not quite Dallas, more of a *cough sheepishly* more cultured Wolfgang…) *wanders away, rambling* I would like to apologize for rambling on your blog in particular…. 😛

      1. Ya, sorry, bud, I didn’t especially want to say that, but I couldn’t add the apology ’cause it was long enough as it is, but I’m just as smart alec as Wolfgang, so- *makes sense in head that that makes up for everything* *realises it doesn’t but can’t figure out why* *soon tires of stammering Wolgang and walks away*

        1. I could email you a catch-up somethingorother if you wanted… but yeah, ugh, life gets in the way of reading a lot. XD Hoping to send this to a publisher, though.

          1. Yesss, you totally should! It’s definitely good enough. I hope that works out! I think I’ll be able to catch up this summer, since I’ll have much, much less to do. 😀

  4. Guys, GUYS GUUUUUYS!!!!!!
    I am freaking out, cause I didn’t think I would be him. I took the test twice to make sure. FREAKING OUT! He’s my precious wittle boy. Love being you buddy.

  5. I got Dallas too. 🙂 Seems to be a recurring theme…
    I don’t think I’m quite as reserved as he is though. 😉
    That was super fun! Fun to guess which character’s answer was which in the test, too.

    But no one’s gotten Bad News!!! *wail*

  6. Hey, I got Charles Fernsby/Amazing Man! I was kind of hoping for Wolfgang, but since I hardly ever use sarcasm or sass… Charles is great, though. I’m just wondering- whom did you get?

  7. *takes it again just for fun*
    rats, can’t do multiple answers like you can on the other one, oh well. no smol snarky superhero mix this time. 😛 XD
    I got Dallas. <33

  8. I got Dallas, even though I re-took the test like five times. I thought I would get Wolf–but since it consistently told me I was Dallas, it’s an honor to be a little cinnamon bun like him!

  9. And I’m… Charles Fernsby. 😀 Not exactly what I expected… but I’m not going to complain about it. 😉
    Cool test! Thanks for sharing! 😀

      1. You’d be surprised how much I get that. I love your blog… I was a bit hyped up on sugar when I first commented. I’m not crazy:)

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