January 2020 Wrap-up

Well well, look who decided to post again. 😛

Yep, it’s me. 

I’m here to give an update on how my month went/how my year has started out. (Whoot whoot 2020) 

Let’s just hop right in, shall we? 


[the writings]

I got a little bit more done on Time Out of Mind this month. Only like… one chapter, since I was pretty busy, but it’s better than nothing. I also got some critique feedback, so that’s always good. And helpful for going forward. xD

I also wrote a little bit of fanfiction following a long discussion with a friend about a theory. So a little bit more writing there. 

AND I’m a leader for a writing program on OYAN this year, so I have a little tribe of young writers under my domain to encourage in their pursuits. I think that counts for something. 

[miscellaneous other projects]

Simply because I also made this fan video this month and I think it deserves to go here as well. 


[the musics]

I’ve been listening to a lot of music from my oldies playlist this month + finding some new (to me) old songs. xD Plus just some random other favorites of mine from a while ago I’ve started listening to.

ALSO Kaleo came out with two new songs! I’m very very happy and love the songs a lot. ❤

I also made a playlist of songs that feel like art-museum-songs and I’m rather proud of that. So it’s going here as well. 

[the stories]

books: because friend recommendations, I read a good bit of Maggie Stiefvater stuff, which… is apparently a January tradition now after reading the Scorpio Races last year. xD 
And because more classics, I read “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. Which was a bummer, as expected. But it was also very well written and an experience, so I don’t regret reading. 
Started on “A Tale of Two Cities”, but I’m only about a third of the way through, so I’ll share more thoughts on that later. -fingergun-

movies: -looks back at my list- wow. A lot of movies were watched this month. So I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief. xD
Bolt. Rewatch near the beginning of the month. Man, this movie will never cease to make me smile. I love it so much.
Knives Out. Finally eked my way into the theater for this one after a ton of recommendations and it was awesome. I would definitely watch again.
Mission Impossible 4 & 5. More rewatches. And more movies that will never get old for me. Seriously, if anything, I like these more as time goes on.
The Farewell. A very different kind of movie from what I usually watch. But  a really interesting insight into Chinese culture and it had some really cute moments. 
Kong: Skull Island. A 10th birthday selection, because giant gorillas and Tom Hiddleston. Both those expected fronts were delivered on. 
Eddie the Eagle. This could possibly be one of my new favorite movies. It had a couple sketchy scenes, but overall it was such a happy and pure message and the main characters/actors were amazing. It made me smile a lot.
Dolittle. Despite all the horrible press this got, it was actually not that bad? Definitely not winning any awards for plot or anything, but it was very pretty, the acting was good, and my little brothers loved it. (Plus not gonna lie I actually liked Robert Downey Jr.’s accent.) So it has my stamp of approval. 
Instant Family. Dealt with some very real and important stuff and had some great moments. But also much more content than we expected for watching with the whole family, so it was a mixed bag. 
Mr. Holmes. Depressing, but good quality. 
Knight and Day. I loved this one a lot more than I expected to. It was absolutely hilarious and a super fun watch. 

shows: Not a ton of shows have been watched this month. As you can see, most of the effort went into movies.
My family watched a bit of Homestead Rescue, which is a pretty fun reality show thing involving… well… rescuing homesteads. There’s a lot of cool stuff to learn from it. 
And then basically just some rewatching of Lost and Leverage for comfort whilst moving. xD


[the cookings]

A certain brother wanted macarons for his birthday. So I made chocolate raspberry macarons. My first time making macarons in a while, and they turned out a little wrinkly? But honestly they looked brownie-ish and it wasn’t bad. 

I sadly did not take any pictures. 


[the funnies]

[the life things]

Well, the biggest thing was obviously moving, which took up the biggest part of the month and wasn’t super fun. BUT it’s all done with now, just some unpacking and settling in left to do in the new house. We’re definitely appreciating the new kitchen size and proximity to more things in town so far. xD

A couple extra add-ons to the moving process: Lots of snow and coldness happened. (And let me tell you, watching fresh, powdery snow drift over the road in the wind is one of the most mesmerizing things ever.)
And also a lot of us managed to get sick. I lost my voice and sounded ridiculous for like 4 days straight. 
But I sound like a normal human again now, so yay! 😛

We got through our three January birthdays all appropriately celebrated, and all were quite fun. Movies were watched, games were played, and presents were given. ❤

The Chiefs are going to the Superbowl! I’m not a huge football person, but right now I’m living in the Kansas City area, so the hype is real. Also work is extremely busy with superbowl snacks being on the menu. 🙂 
Go Chiefs!

I also got my hair cut the other day for the first time in like 8 months. -strokes freshly cut hair ends- So that’s also fun. ❤ 😀

[up next]

There’s a lot of settling into the new house still to do, so that’ll probably take up a lot of effort this month. 

Writing! Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more time for writing this month and get more than just a single chapter done. -crosses fingers- Let’s hope for some quiet moments and peace of mind. xD

Sign language! I just signed up for a weekly community college class on sign language, which I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now. And that’s starting this month yayyy ❤

Apparently the need for blood is still critical or something, so I’m gonna try donating again this month, we’ll see how that goes. 

AND HOPEFULLY more blogging! I’m so sorry, I’ve been awful about being consistent on here, my mind has definitely been elsewhere. I’ll try and get at least a few review posts/photography dumps up through the month. (And I’m open to suggestions, anything else you guys are dying to see.)

We shall be seeing more of each other, I promise. xD


How was your month? Any plans or resolutions for the coming year? Blog suggestions for things I should try and throw at you guys?

Hope you all have a great February! ❤

See ya,


8 thoughts on “January 2020 Wrap-up

    1. “The funnies” this month were greatly appreciated

      I would like to see more photography and cooking stuff, if possible. Both things that I enjoy but haven’t had much chance to do recently.

  1. As usual, “the funnies” are hilarious 😆

    I’m going to watch the Super Bowl tonight even though I’m not a football person because a) the Chiefs are from my home state so I feel some connection to them and b) I’m going to be with my also-not-football-crazy friends. 🙂

    As far as blog suggestions go… I’d love to hear about your ASL class! And reviews are always cool. 😛

  2. The funnies always make my day, honestly. ;D I’m glad you had a good month. I had no idea you were moving again! To me (the human being who has lived like a snail always in the same shell/house) the amount of moving people tend to do in their lifetimes seems a bit exorbitant.

  3. Chocolate raspberry macarons! YUM. Never had ’em, but that sounds awesome.
    Ooh, “A Tale of Two Cities” yesss. Love that. And I’m glad you liked Doolittle—I haven’t heard any press about it either way, but I’ve been hoping it’s good. Based on the trailer it looks a leeetle bit fancier than the book, but… ;P (But Robert Downey Jr., so so what. XD)
    Yayyy for being done moving. And more kitchen space. *many thumbs up*

  4. Yay! I love macarons! My family has been crazy sick this winter so I definitely know being sick is no fun. I hope you enjoy your new place and everything works out for you. Thanks for the movie ideas😁

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