Fall Leaves – an incredibly late photography dump

Yes I’m aware we’re well past fall. But that doesn’t change the fact that I have some fall leaf pictures that I’m proud of and I never shared. 

SO here we are. Have some beautiful images of fall to spruce up your February. xD


A bunch of birds just hangin’ out in these tangly trees. 


Props to the sunlight for cooperating so wonderfully here. 


Featuring my hand + sweater sleeve.


Usually I don’t go for the wider scenery shots, but I really like how this one turned out. 


The obligatory gutter-full-of-leaves shot that I always end up taking. 


I hope my neighbors appreciate the fact that they literally live in a Thomas Kinkade painting. 


My sister in a pile of leaves I assembled for her and the dogs. ❤


The sunlight + two diva leaves.







Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed a taste of fall! xD 

Have a great rest of your week ❤ 


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